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The second Marston Baines book !
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- Including the Short Story-
Now Published by Girls Gone By
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The first Marston Baines book !
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Has now been republished in a New Edition by Girls Gone By
Which completes the Lone Pine series !
(Now out of print - but still available from some dealers)

Back in print !
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Reissued in a New Edition by Girls Gone By
(Now out of print - possibly still available from some dealers)

The Malcolm Saville Bibliography
Now published by The Malcolm Saville Society
See its entry via the Index for details and how to buy

Just joined the Girls Gone By Lone Pine collection !
(Now out of print - possibly still available from some dealers)

Man with Three Fingers
Now published by Girls Gone By

Treasure at Amorys
Added to the collection by
by Girls Gone By
(Now out of print - but still available from some dealers)

Not Scarlet But Gold
Autumn's gold from Girls Gone By

Sea Witch Comes Home
2012's Spring book from Girls Gone By

Mystery Mine
Another for your collection from Girls Gone By
(Now out of print - possibly still available from some dealers)

The Secret of the Gorge
published by Girls Gone By
Spring 2011
(Now out of print - possibly still available from some dealers)
The Spring Wise Owl (No.6)
published, posted and available for download
Can be posted to you, downloaded opposite or from the Wise Owl page - see Index

Lone Pine London
published Nov 2010 by Girls Gone By
(Now out of print)

Malcolm Saville - A Friendship Remembered
Viv Turner's account of her long-term contact with the author
published by Girls Gone By
(Now out of print)
Wings over Witchend
published Spring 2010 by Girls Gone By
(Now out of print)
Girls Gone By have added Saucers over the Moor to their republished 'firsts' of the Lone Pine series.
Special articles on Bertram Prance and on the Dartmoor Locations are included in this edition.
(Now out of print - possibly still available from some dealers)

David Schutte has now published the two remaining BBC radio scripts to add to the first, Mystery at Witchend.
Like the first they are hardbacks with full colour wrap-around dustwrappers by Val Biro.

The enthusiastic collector can have editions signed by artist and publisher and as a special offer - there are larger limited edition prints of the dustwrapper artwork for all three editions of the books, limited to only 30 copies of each.
For further details contact David Schutte - see Links and Publishers pages.

Don't Forget !
The Malcolm Saville Society have published their wonderful new DVD of the two Saville films - Treasure at the Mill and Trouble at Townsend with extra filmed features and computer files relating to the author and the books.
A wonderful buy for 15 pounds ! Full details on the DVD page.

Mark O'Hanlon has produced a Malcolm Saville Newsletter Scrapbook collecting all 24 of the author's newsletters to fans from the 1970s and an assortment of other material on audio CDs. More detail is available on Mark's page in the Publishers section (via Index) His contact details are also on the Links page.

Richard Griffiths has published a new edition of Treasure at the Mill, in hardback, with all of Harry Pettit's illustrations. It also has a few pages of notes on the film made for the Children's Film Foundation, and some stills from the film appear on the rear dustwrapper flap.
Another publication is the novel Little Light by Sam Young. This is a modern adventure story set in Rye and Shropshire, inspired by the characters beloved of us all.
Richard's site is also linked from the Links page.

Welcome to the site

2001 was the Centenary year of the birth of this popular children's author, and I thought that it would be fitting to produce a view of his work. It has taken more than a year to come to 'publication'.
I am publishing it now (19th August 2002) because if I don't, I'll just wait and wait until the next bit is finished and never go public ! There is still a lot to be done, many pieces are not written up, much of the detail is sketchy and there are lots of pieces yet to be started. So, keep calling back. I shan't add stuff daily, but hopefully, as the weeks roll by, there'll be something new to appeal. [Click Extra! above for latest additions page !]

Below the title is a list of selections which will move you from page to page.
There are many photographs of the books, taken from my own collection, and from those of friends. In order to quicken page loadings I have kept their file size small, but most are enlargeable by clicking. (Use 'BACK' to return to the page)

There is an overview of the books and their editions in the Introduction page in the Titles section.

Individual books are dealt with title by title, some information being minimal. Forgive me for this, but with so many books and so many editions of many of them, it will take a long time to add all the information I have, and that is not complete. I shall be adding more information and illustrations from time to time.

To pass on information, or any other comments, please feel free to mail me.

Please note that any comments, opinions etc expressed are my own, and not those necessarily held by anyone else.

Finally please note that all photographs of books are from copies in my collection (except where noted), other photographs are mine except where otherwise credited and that the copyright for the illustrations remains with the publishers/artists mentioned. Text copyright is mine. Please respect this, and reproduce none without permission from the copyright holder(s).

Illustrations copyright the respective Publishers
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Created April 2001
First Published 19th August 2002
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