Viv Turner

Viv Turner was a long time fan of the Malcolm Saville books and, like many others, wrote to him. Unlike many, however, she visited him and was one of the few who stayed in contact regularly with him for years.
She has the rare qualification of being mentioned by name in one of the forewords of his books.
In Home To Witchend she is described as 'one of my earliest and and most loyal of fans'.

She told her story, in brief, in the Saville Society magazine, Acksherley, published in March 2000 (issue number 13).

Later, she wrote in more detail, the book Malcolm Saville - A Friendship Remembered published in September 2010 by Girls Gone By.
I featured it in an article in Wise Owl number 5, July 2010.
More details of the book can be found on the book's page.

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First edition cover
Girls Gone By 2010

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