Tilden Reeves


Illustrated The Luck of Sallowby (1952) with a very attractive dustwrapper and some rather unusual text illustrations.
Peter Oates, in a fascinating article in Acksherley! the Society magazine, (No. 11, April 1999) described how the book was based on the real floods of 1947, and brings out some very odd discoveries about the illustations.

First edition frontispiece

Guy and Mark Standing arriving late in Ely, meet Prue and are taken to The Copper Kettle to be greeted by Mandy.

This illustration (unfinished - see Mandy's right hand) is not as distinguished as the dustwrapper picture. It does, however, catch the moment at which Guy is embarassing Mandy by his quip:
' " . . . You look as if you're getting a quite big girl now. She looks bonny doesn't she Mark ?"
Mandy flushed and put out her tongue at him . . '

frontispiece. Click to enlarge (File size=38KB)
frontispiece by Tilden Reeves
from the first edition of The Luck of Sallowby

July 1947 cover. Click to enlarge (File size=28KB)
Boy's Own Paper July 1947
cover by Tilden Reeves
These two covers for the Boy's Own Paper, for the July and August issues in 1947 were done by Reeves
August 1947 cover. Click to enlarge (File size=31KB)
Boy's Own Paper August 1947
cover by Tilden Reeves

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