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Please call again, I intend to add information as it comes in, if you have any please mail me.
I shall continue to work on improving the information available to readers.

I have fitted a 'guest book' for visitors to sign in, and particularly to leave comments, queries and information; a section on the places visited in the books is planned, as also are some pages on artists and comments on obtaining copies of the books. Most have been out of print for some time but some are listed as available by and other suppliers.

I've made every reasonable effort to be accurate, but if any information is wrong, hard luck !; remember that I'm as prone to error as the next man, and this site is for entertainment only. Please let me know if there's anything wrong, and I'll do something about it.
However, particular mention should go to Steven Handy, Mark O'Hanlon and Norman Wright for information and Guy Hawley for the copy of the 'official' bibliography. Also Colin Harding, the Society's Bookfinder General, for helping me fill in some gaps in my collection.
Recently Mike McGarry has joined in, and thanks to him and Steven I have been able to show covers and give details of a large number of books I personally have never laid eyes on. A sincere thank you to you both.

Thanks to those who have provided scans or photocopies of missing covers, they are mentioned individually in the Extra! Extra! update page.

Thank you once again for visiting.

Finally please note that the copyright for the illustrations remains with the artists and publishers mentioned, and for the text, is mine. Please respect this.

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