First Published 1948 by Lutterworth

Illustrated by Lunt Roberts
1st Edition dustwrapper.  Click to enlarge
First edition wrapper by Lunt Roberts
The second book in the Jillies series.

The Jillies are at home this time. The adventure takes place in the mists of London when Mandy, Prue and Tim try to help a rather mysterious old lady neighbour.
With the assistance of their friends Mark and Guy they are eventually successful, though at times it looks as though all will fail.

First edition: grey boards, silver blocking on spine and signature on the front board; slim book 130x190mm; 192pp; map endpapers in reddish-brown (not credited); colour frontispiece and ten b/w illustrations.
Dustwrapper by Lunt Roberts, showing a suitably atmospheric view of the Docks and the kidnapped girl.
[Dustwrapper illustration courtesy of Anne Ayres]

2nd impression 1950: as the first edition including colour frontispiece by Lunt Roberts, but with a new dustwrapper picture by Wynne. This shows the main characters crowded around the dinghy. Mandy's red beret is prominent; cp 7s 6d.
[Odd, and I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the girl they are all searching for is actually included the picture]
My error ! Thanks to Glynne Steele for pointing out to me that the girl by the boat is Sandy, the child who is knocked over in the fog whilst trying to deliver the ransom note to Mrs Hawkins, then helps the Jillies. Mystery solved.

2nd Edition dustwrapper.  Click to enlarge
Second edition wrapper by Wynne
Other editions:

Odhams 1952: As Secret in the Mist

First Episode of the serial. Click for full view
The first frames of the first episode
Serialised in the Mickey Mouse Weekly comic as a picture strip, artist not known.
(I have my suspicions of AR Whitear, but that's just a feeling)
The serial is in eleven episodes and ran from the issues for 15th November 1952 and finished in the issue for 24th January 1953.

first Armada edition . Click to enlarge (File size=24KB)
first Armada edition
Armada 1966:
Paperback; 159pp; 10 illustrations; Armada numberC159; cp 2/6; cover not credited; ¾ logo; May Fair as publisher.

Reprinted about 1969, thicker book; same cover picture but lettering change and later simplified ship logo; cp 2/6 in black box front, rear dual pricing '2/6 (12½p)'; rear 'blurb' changed.
[Later copy seen cp 3/6]

later Armada variant cover. Click to enlarge (File size=23KB)
later Armada variant cover

White Lion edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
White Lion edition dustwrapper
White Lion 1977:
Hardback edition with dustwrapper; blue boards with gilt block; map front endpaper only; no frontispiece; all original b/w illustrations by Lunt Roberts; 192pp; cp £2.50.

[Severn House (? mentioned in publicity material, but thought to be error)]

Het Spectrum 1961: (Holland)
One of the Prisma Juniores series as Ontvoering in de mist
paperback, reference number J 164; cover by C. W. Voges is misty dock scene with girl on narrow boat; map at rear; illustrations by Lunt Roberts; 190pp
Het Spectrum edition. Click to enlarge (File size=24KB)
The Het Spectrum edition
French edition cover. Click to enlarge
French edition cover
by Françoise Bertier
Éditions Gautier-Languerau 1962: (France)
as Deux Tresses Blondes
A small (5x7 inches - 13x18cm) hardback edition with pictorial boards and new illustrations by Françoise Bertier.

My copy has no dustwrapper and it was probably issued without. There are decorative endpapers in a blue and white design; a list at the back of the book gives other titles in the Nouvelle Bibliothèque de Suzette in which this is number 47.

Translated by Yvonne Girault, main character names are as the first edition and there are a couple of explanatory notes added to the bottom of relevant pages. One of these is to explain the traditional use, in England at Christmas, of mistletoe !

There are 120 numbered pages. There is no map included, but the eight chapters have each a black and white line chapter-header and one full-page drawing as well. In addition, there are four colour plates inside the book, giving a total of twenty illustrations, not counting the cover.
In all a very attractive little book.

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