First Published 1951 by Newnes

Newnes First Edition dustwrapper  Click to enlarge (File Size= 38KB)
Newnes First Edition wrapper
by Bertram Prance
The sixth book in the series, and a return to Rye for this story, but it starts with Penny and Jon on holiday in Paris, as shown on the first edition wrapper.

First Edition: tan boards, red lettering, pine tree logo on front board; 135x190mm; top edge pages red; map eps; title page vignette and 8 b/w illustrations; 248pp; foreword and Lone Pine Club notes; last page states that 'The next book in the series will be about David and Peter at Witchend.'
Dustwrapper: full colour wrapping to include spine, showing Jon and Penny at table outside cafe in Paris; has banner under title on front 'A LONE PINE STORY', author's name on spine lower than usual, rear lists other LP books and 'Jane's Country Year', front flap describes book, rear photo and description of author; cp 8/6.

For some reason, the wrapper was repainted for the second edition, and now shows the Lone Pine crowd on the beach back in Sussex.

2nd impression 1954: d/w by Bertram Prance changed to group on beach.
3rd impression 1958;
4th impression 1966: blue boards with gold blocking, plain front board, no logo; 248pp.
Another copy, same boards but red blocking and with the tree logo on the front board.

Newnes later dustwrapper  Click to enlarge
Newnes later wrapper
by Bertram Prance
Other Editions:

first Armada. Click to enlarge
The first Armada
Armada 1965:
Paperback edition; 158pp; title page vignette, map and 5 illustrations by B Prance; cover by Peter Archer; Armada number C125; cp 2/6.

Reissued 1975 with a new cover as number C1046; cover artist not credited; otherwise as earlier edition; cp 40p.
New impression 1978: cp 60p.

second Armada. Click to enlarge
second Armada edition

Collins edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
Collins edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Steven Handy
Collins 1970:
revised hardback edition; with dustwrapper; royal blue boards with gold blocking on spine; 185pp; single map after contents page; ISBN 0-00-160207-I; cp '65p:13/- net'. Cover illustration not credited.
[For information on this edition, thanks to Steven Handy]

Collins Budget 1972:
Hardback edition with pictorial boards.
Collins Budget cover. Click to enlarge
Collins 'Budget' edition
courtesy of Mike McGarry

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Goodchild editiuon 1984
dustwrapper by Gordon King
Goodchild 1984:
Revised hardback edition. Dark green cloth boards with gold blocking to spine only. Redrawn map on front endpapers only. No illustrations. Full colour wrap-around dustwrapper by Gordon King.
ISBN 0-86391-017-3; cp

Girls Gone By November 2008:
New paperback edition; full original text and illustrations from the first edition.
Additional material includes an introduction by Mary Cadogan, an introduction to Malcolm Saville by Mark O'Hanlon and a publishing history by me.
ISBN 978-1-84745-052-4.
(N.B. This edition is now out of print.)
Click to enlarge
paperback edition by
Girls Gone By

Foreign Edition:
Molino 1965:
A hardback book with 239 pages and pictorial boards, almost certainly a dustwrapper as well which repeats the board designs by Pablo Ramirez.
The translation is by E. de Obregon and the book is illustrated throughout by Bertram Prance (incorrectly credited as Bertram France!).
[For information on this edition, and illustration, thanks to Steven Handy]
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Spanish edition cover
Molino 1965

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