Sunny Stories magazine

This small (165x215mm) magazine was introduced by Newnes in July 1926 under the title Sunny Stories for Little Folks. It was edited by Enid Blyton from its first issue, and in fact she wrote virtually the entire magazine.
It was renamed Enid Blyton's Sunny Stories in 1937, and became a weekly magazine. It had previously appeared fortnightly.

Enid Blyton resigned from the magazine in February 1953, and left to form her own Enid Blyton's Magazine, which came out a little later that year, published by Evans.
Her reason for leaving was thought to be that Newnes would not allow it to carry adverts for her books which were published by other publishers.

Malcolm Saville took over the role of Editor of the magazine in 1954. It is not clear which pieces of copy he was responsible for providing, as each issue contained several short stories by different contributors.
The title of the magazine was abbreviated to Sunny Stories.

There were several 'spin-off' books from the publication. One, Read Aloud Tales from Sunny Stories, was edited by him.

Sunny Stories Magazines
 edited by Saville
Sunny Stories Magazines edited by Malcolm Saville

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