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The Lone Pine Series

Mystery at Witchend

Seven White Gates

The Gay Dolphin Adventure

The Secret of Grey Walls

Lone Pine Five

A Strange Couple (Extract)

Flower Show Hat, The (short story)

The Elusive Grasshopper

The Neglected Mountain

Saucers Over the Moor

Wings Over Witchend

Lone Pine London

The Secret of the Gorge

Mystery Mine

Sea Witch Comes Home

Not Scarlet But Gold

Treasure At Amorys

Man With Three Fingers

Rye Royal

Strangers at Witchend

Where's My Girl ?

Home to Witchend

The Buckinghams Series

The Master of Maryknoll, The

The Buckinghams at Ravenswyke

The Long Passage

A Palace for the Buckinghams

The Secret of the Villa Rosa

Diamond in the Sky

The Jillies Series

Redshanks Warning

Two Fair Plaits

Secret in the Mist (Retitling)

Strangers at Snowfell

The Sign of the Alpine Rose

The Luck of Sallowby

The Ambermere Treasure

The Nettleford Series

All Summer Through

Christmas at Nettleford

Spring Comes to Nettleford

The Secret of Buzzard Scar

The Marston Baines Series

Three Towers in Tuscany

The Purple Valley

Dark Danger

White Fire

Power of Three

The Dagger and the Flame

Marston - Master Spy

The Susan and Bill Series

Susan, Bill and the Wolf Dog

Susan, Bill and the Ivy-Clad Oak

Susan, Bill and the Vanishing Boy

Susan, Bill and the Golden Clock

Susan, Bill and the 'Saucy Kate'

Susan, Bill and the Dark Stranger

Susan, Bill and the Bright Star Circus

Susan, Bill and the Pirates Bold

The Michael and Mary Series

Trouble at Townsend

Riddle of the Painted Box, The

The Unwelcome Stranger (Extract)

Harvest Holiday (Short Story)

The Flying Fish Adventure

The Secret of the Hidden Pool

Where the Bus Stopped

Young Johnnie Bimbo

The Fourth Key

The Brown Family Series

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

The Secret of Galleybird Pit (Retitling)

Good Dog Dandy

The Roman Treasure Mystery

Non-Series Books:

Treasure at the Mill

The Thin Grey Man


Trouble at Townsend

Treasure at the Mill



Come to London

Come to Devon

Come to Cornwall

Come to Somerset

Portrait of Rye

The Silent Hills of Shropshire completed by M O'Hanlon

Nature and the Countryside

Country Scrapbook for Boys and Girls

Open Air Scrapbook for Boys and Girls

Seaside Scrapbook for Boys and Girls

Jane's Country Year

Rain for St Swithins (Extract)

Small Creatures

Malcolm Saville's Country Book

Malcolm Saville's Seaside Book

See How It Grows

Eat What You Grow

The Countryside Quiz

The Wonder Why Book of Exploring a Wood

The Wonder Why Book of Exploring the Seashore

The Wonder Why Book of Wild Flowers Through the Year

Seashore Quiz


King of Kings

Strange Story


The Adventure of the Lifeboat Service

The Coronation Gift Book

The Story of Winchelsea Church

Words For All Seasons


The Eternal Romance of Farming

Guardians of our Coast

Warriors of the Sea

The World's Greatest Port

London's Fire Fighters

The Story of Milk

A Little Girl Becomes Our Queen


My Gardener Smithson (Article)

Edited by Malcolm Saville:

Sunny Stories Magazine

Read Aloud Tales from Sunny Stories

As D J Desmond:

Amateur Acting and Producing For Beginners

Craftsmanship in a Machine Age (Article)

First Storm of Autumn, The (Descriptive piece)

John and Jennifer at the Farm

Stonewall Jackson (Article)