First Published 1947 by Newnes

First Newnes dustwrapper.  Click to enlarge (File Size= 32KB)
First of the Newnes wrappers
by Bertram Prance
Illustrated by Bertram Prance

The Fourth in the Lone Pine series. All the Club join together in winter in Shropshire, for a sheep rustling tale set around Clun.

With a cast of three Mortons, not counting Mackie, two Warrenders, Peter, Tom and Jenny, they find it necessary to virtually take over a Bed and Breakfast place in Clun, fortunately leaving enough space for the mysterious stranger.

It was this large cast list which prevented the BBC from serialising the book on Children's Hour, which must have been disappointing for the growing number fans of the books.

First Edition:

Tan boards, red blocking, title, author and tree logo on front board; no title page vignette; map endpapers; 8 full-page b/w illustrations; dustwrapper picture wraps to include spine, showing Penny and Peter outside gates with riders approaching.

Here there is confusion by the 1950 impression being not counted for the next one and reinstated later. The result being both a '4th Edition'(1950) and a '4th impression' (1954), and no 5th impression labelled.
2nd 1948: labelled 'reprinted 1948'; fawn boards, red blocking with title, author and tree logo on front board; 272pp; title page vignette of Mackie added; two illustration added, now ten full page illustrations. Dustwrapper by Bertram Prance, no indication of impression; cp 7/6.
3rd 1949: labelled 'Third Edition'; as 2nd but thicker book; d/w states Third Edition; cp 7/6
4th 1950: labelled 'Fourth Edition'; as 3rd; d/w not seen.
5th 1954: labelled 'Fourth Impression' (list misses 1950 imp).
6th 1958: labelled 'Sixth Impression'; dustwrapper by Charles Wood full wrap around showing Peter and David looking down on the mysterious house in Offa's Dyke.
7th 1962: labelled 'Seventh Impression'; blue boards, black blocking, also red blocking variant; both have title, author and tree logo on the front board; 272pp; dustwrapper by Charles Wood; cp 8'6.
second Newnes wrapper.
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Second Newnes wrapper
by Charles Wood

Other editions:

Merlin edition. Click to enlarge (File size=27KB)
Merlin paperback
Merlin 1967:
paperback; no map; colour cover and 6 full page b/w illustrations by Michael Whittlesea ; 191pp; cp 2/6; Merlin number M21; back page lists 24 other books by eight different authors already published as Merlin editions.

Reprinted 1968:
Second impression: as the 1967 edition, but with the addition of the map (redrawn) from the Newnes editions inserted on page 4. The back page describes the six Lone Pine books 'already available' in Merlin editions.
The cover is the same, with the addition of 'Hamlyn' down the bottom of the spine above the flask and PAUL HAMLYN at bottom left on the back cover.

Collins Budget Edition 1972: revised text; hardback with pictorial boards. Illustration on front board is new, reminiscent of the first edition cover; map but no other illustrations.
Collins Budget edn. Click to enlarge
Collins Budget edition
courtesy of Mike McGarry

Armada cover. Click to enlarge (File size=25KB)
The Armada cover
Armada 1975:
Paperback edition; map redrawn from Newnes editions; no illustrations; 159pp; Armada number C1045; cp 35p.

Goodchild 1983:
Revised by Judith Hayter; as 'Secret of Grey Walls'; hardback edition with gilt blocking down spine only; map endpapers redrawn from the Newnes editions; 178pp; no illustrations; dustwrapper full colour wrap-around by Gordon King; cp 5.95, later over-labelled with 6.95; ISBN 0-903445-88-3
Goodchild edition. Click to enlarge
Goodchild edition
by Gordon King

Hippo edition cover. Click to enlarge (File size=20KB)
The Hippo edition cover
Scholastic 'Hippo' 1995:
paperback; 310pp; text virtually as first edition; map; no illustrations; cover by Paul Robinson; cp 3.99; ISBN 0-590-55919-2

Girls Gone By cover. Click to enlarge
Girls Gone By edition cover
by Bertram Prance
Girls Gone By December 2007:
This paperback edition has the complete, original, text from the first edition with all the Bertram Prance illustrations, and the endpaper map as the first edition. It has the two full page illustrations and title-page vignette by Prance which were added to the second edition in 1948. The second edition expanded foreword is added as an appendix.

In addition, the book includes an introduction by Mary Cadogan and an article by Mark O'Hanlon about the author. This is followed by an illustrated publishing history by myself, with illustrations of eight of the other editions which have been published over the intervening years. Notes on the text and illustrations follow and a list of Lone Pine titles.

Like the others from this publisher the cover is reproduced from the first edition, dustwrapper, electronically restored. The back of the paperback reproduces the spine of the original and the text from the front dustwrapper flap. (click on image to see).
Size: 130x190mm; 312pp; ISBN 978-1-84745-026-5.
This is another well produced, attractive, edition. It was published at 10.99, including postage, from the publishers.
(N.B. This edition is now out of print.)

Foreign editions:

Dymocks 1952
Australian hardback edition. It has illustrations and dustwrapper by Bertram Prance.

[For information on this edition, thanks to Mike McGarry]

Australian edn. Click to enlarge (File size=26KB)
Australian edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Mike McGarry

Dutch edition. Click to enlarge (File size=29KB)
Het Spectrum cover
not credited
courtesy of Mike McGarry
Het Spectrum 1963:
Dutch translation, in the Prisma Juniores Pocket series of paperbacks. As 'Het geheim van het eenzame huis'
The cover illustration is not credited; text illustrations are by Bertram Prance.

[For information on this edition, thanks to Mike McGarry]

Molino 1963:
Spanish translation; as El Secreto De Grey Walls
A hardback edition with decorated boards as shown and, almost certainly, a dustwrapper of the same design.
Translation by Enrique De Obregon, Cover artwork by Pablo Ramirez, Ilustrations by 'Bertram France' (sic).

[For information on this edition, thanks to Mike McGarry]

Spanish wrapper. Click to enlarge
Molino edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Pablo Ramirez Jnr

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