Susan and Bill Books

Susan Rosemary Brooks is nine. She is living in rooms with her family in an industrial town when we meet her, but they move to a new house in an estate on a hill outside the town. Here she teams up with Bill Starbright, her neighbour; and their saga begins.

Although written for younger children than his more popular series, these are some of my favourite books.

They show an appreciation for the normal child from a less favoured background than his famous series and could well be cited in defence of criticism of the 'middle-class child' syndrome.
The Susan and Bill series are dedicated 'with appreciation to Eileen H. Colwell Children's Librarian, Hendon Public Libraries'.

All but the final two books are illustrated by Ernest Shepard, of 'Winnie the Pooh' fame. The first editions have a full colour frontispiece as well as line drawings in the text.
The final two books were illustrated by Terry Freeman.

The first six were written in three years, 1954-56, the last two after a four year gap.

The first four were reprinted by Knight as paperbacks and all were issued as hardback editions by White Lion in the 1970s.

Susan, Bill and the Wolf Dog
Susan, Bill and the Ivy Clad Oak
Susan, Bill and the Vanishing Boy
Susan, Bill and the Golden Clock
Susan, Bill and the 'Saucy Kate'
Susan, Bill and the Dark Stranger
Susan, Bill and the Bright Star Circus
Susan, Bill and the Pirates Bold

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