Nettleford Books

Nettleford is a small town in Southern England. The bookshop called The Wise Owl is the home of the Richardson family.
Sally and her younger brother Paul, with their friends, notably Sally's best friend Elizabeth, are the central characters of the series.

Unlike the adventures of Saville's most popular series these books are gentler in nature, and more based in the normal experiences of normal children. Criminals are in short supply, camping and the countryside provide the excitement required. In many ways they are more mature books than the crime adventure series, and very well written. They were somewhat ahead of their time. The first three books are set in Nettleford, the last takes place in the upper reaches of Swaledale in North Yorkshire.

The series, in order of publication:
All Summer Through
Christmas at Nettleford
Spring Comes to Nettleford
The Secret of Buzzard Scar

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