Michael and Mary Books

When we first meet Michael and Mary Bishop they live at 69 Laburnam Road, in London.
Mary is ten, and her brother Michael two years older.
Holiday plans are changed as these two town youngsters head off alone together to stay in the Country on their Uncle Charlie's farm. Expecting peace and quiet verging on boredom, they are rather taken aback by the business of country living.
In the second book, they befriend Vicky White and we follow them out of London with the Whites on their narrow boat, the Flower of Brentford, up the Grand Union Canal. But we are not the only followers. . .

Having suffered from Whooping Cough, the pair are sent down to Cornwall to recover in 'The Flying Fish Adventure'. Here they fall into a mystery with John Shelley and a snuff box !
'The Secret of the Hidden Pool' takes them to Lyme Regis, where they discover for themselves the strange landslip some miles to the west of the town and encounter the boy who has made this lost land his own. They team up with Billy and help him search for treasure.
In 'Young Johnnie Bimbo' we find them on holiday with the Whites, travelling on the Grand Union Canal again. Here they get involved with Bimbo's Renowned Circus.
In the final adventure the family moves out of London, south, to live in the village of Ashfield in Sussex.

The series consists of six books and two short stories, although one of the latter was published as a separate book.
All the stories are illustrated by Lunt Roberts and the books were published by John Murray, although the first two were first published by 'Transatlantic Arts'. The two short pieces were published by Blackwell and Odhams respectively.
The first story was filmed and shown in cinemas throughout Britain. The second, 'Riddle', was serialised and broadcast on BBC Radio in Children's Hour in 1948, as was the fourth full length story, The Secret of the Hidden Pool, in 1953.

The stories in order are:
Trouble at Townsend
The Riddle of the Painted Box
Harvest Holiday (short story)
The Flying Fish Adventure
The Secret of the Hidden Pool
Where the Bus Stopped (short story)
Young Johnnie Bimbo
The Fourth Key

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