The Lone Pine Series

The longest, and most popular, of the series. Twenty books and a short story make up the series.

The series begins with the Mortons travelling away from war-torn London. They have obtained a house (Witchend) on the slopes of the Long Mynd, a mountain in Shropshire. With their father away in the RAF, it falls on the shoulders of the 16 year old David to look after his mother and his brother and sister. Dickie and Mary are twins, and are only about ten when the stories begin.

When exploring the Mynd, they fall in with Peter (Petronella) whose father looks after a reservoir in the hills. She is David's age, and likes the twins, and so a secret camp is formed. They invite Tom Ingles to join them. He is another evacuee staying on his uncle's farm below the Morton's Witchend. Together they form the Lone Pine Club, and go on to solve a riddle and save the country from foreign attack.

The Club is swelled by Jenny, who lives with her stepmother under the shadow of 'The Devil's Chair', and later by Jon and Penny Warrender, cousins, from Rye in Sussex. Harriet Sparrow, from London, is also made a member and shares in the adventures.

In the following years they will, together and separately, have another twenty adventures, many of them in Shropshire, but others in Sussex, Dartmoor, Yorkshire, East Anglia and London.
The books were produced over 35 years, and the backgrounds of the stories are dated at when they were published. But the characters age no more than a few years over the series.

The books are:
Mystery at Witchend
Seven White Gates
The Gay Dolphin Adventure
The Secret of Grey Walls
Lone Pine Five
The Elusive Grasshopper
The Neglected Mountain
Saucers Over the Moor
Wings over Witchend
Lone Pine London
The Secret of the Gorge
Mystery Mine
Sea Witch Comes Home
Not Scarlet But Gold
Treasure at Amorys
Man With Three Fingers
Rye Royal
Strangers at Witchend
Where's My Girl ?
Home to Witchend
The Flower Show Hat (Short Story)

The first sixteen books were all published by Newnes, the later three by Collins and the final book as a paperback by Armada.
All the books were reprinted in Armada paperbacks, many of the Newnes originals were reissued in Collins hardbacks, many were issued by the Children's Book Club. Hamlyn issued six as paperbacks with new illustrations by Michael Whittlesea and Goodchild started to reissue the whole series as hardbacks in the 1980s but only got as far as the first twelve. A few have been published as paperbacks recently.

Girls Gone By publishers started to reprint the series in 2005 and it is progressing well.
A lovely Newnes-style, hardback of Home to Witchend came out the same year, published by RHG Books.
See also The Complete Lone Pine by Mark O'Hanlon. The Companion to the Lone Pine Books.
For details on all these publishers see the Links page.

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