The Jillies

The Jillies are a family with no mother
Mandy. Click to enlarge
Mandy - by Lunt Roberts
Their widowed father, known affectionately as JD is looked after in part by his elder daughter, Amanda, who also tries to control her sister Prudence and brother Timothy.

Mandy starts the series with a dramatic short bobbed haircut, which is suddenly grown to shoulder length in a few months in time for the second book. In contrast to Samson, she thereby loses some of her drive and fire.

Prue ; by Lunt Roberts. Click to enlarge
Prue - by Lunt Roberts
They live in a house/flat in London. In their first book they go to the north Norfolk coast and stay at Blakeney for a holiday.
Here they meet two boys, Guy and Mark Standing, who are staying at a nearby hotel. They team up to explore the marshes and find that they are involved in a mystery.
Tim - by Lunt Roberts. Click to enlarge
Tim - By Lunt Roberts

With the exception of 'The Sign of the Alpine Rose' an Austrian adventure which is missed by the Standings, all the adventures involve these main characters and take place in various parts of England.

The books that form the series are, in order:
Redshanks Warning
Two Fair Plaits
Strangers at Snowfell
The Sign of the Alpine Rose
The Luck of Sallowby
The Ambermere Treasure

They were all originally published by Lutterworth, and were illustrated by Lunt Roberts, Wynne, Tilden Reeves and Marcia Lane Foster.
They were all reprinted in Armada editions and later in hardback by White Lion.

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