The Buckinghams

This series centres around the two Buckingham children, Juliet and Simon, and their friend Charles Renislau.

In the first book, 'The Master of Maryknoll' Charles runs away from a very unhappy home and encounters the Buckinghams at home, debating on how to spend their holiday. The youngsters team up to explore Shropshire and cycle to Ludlow.

Charles meets the Buckinghams. Click to enlarge (File size=37KB)
Charles meets the Buckinghams
frontispiece by Alice Bush
from the first edition of
'The Master of Maryknoll'
The books take place in Shropshire, Whitby, Brighton, London and the last two abroad.
The full list, in order of publication is as follows:
The Master of Maryknoll
The Buckinghams at Ravenswyke
The Long Passage
A Palace for the Buckinghams
The Secret of the Villa Rosa
Diamond in the Sky

At the beginning of March 2008 Evans are planning to produce new editions of the first three of the Buckingham series in paperback at 5.99 each.

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