The Brown Family Series

Three books make up this short series. They are: Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Good Dog Dandy and The Roman Treasure Mystery.

We first meet the younger Browns, Lucy and Humphrey ('Humf') bound for a new life in the Sussex town of Malling.
Their parents have bought a small cafe, called The Four and Twenty Blackbirds, and their mother is working hard to get it ready for the Grand Opening. Her husband, Mervyn, is not a practical man, and hardly a successful provider for the family, more a man of plans and ideas.

The Browns settle in and the youngsters team up with Mark, a local vicar's son, and his friends John and Peggy Hogben, of Conways Farm. They originally meet by Galleybird Pit, which features strongly in their first adventure.

Humf is greatly impressed by a visit to his school of a local policeman and police dog Dandy. He makes a serious career choice, and circumstances around them when they go camping by Deadman's Wood seem to confirm his choice, and lead to their second adventure.

A camping trip into the hidden valley of Cuckoo Dean becomes complicated when Humf finds something interesting and the race is on to uncover a puzzle left by the old man who lived there, and discover Roman Treasure before the Press are involved.

The adventures are mainly portrayed through the eyes of twelve year old Lucy.

Only the first of these stories was published as a hardback, both the others were first published as Armada paperbacks.

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