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David Schutte has published many radio scripts - notably all 62 of Anthony Buckeridge's Jennings scripts which were originally written for and performed on the BBC Radio programme Children's Hour.
In 2008 he has published, in hardback, the scripts for the full serialisation of Malcolm Saville's first children's book, Mystery at Witchend. This has been followed in 2009 by the appearance of the other two Lone Pine serials, Seven White Gates and The Gay Dolphin Adventure.
The three books are hardbacks and and each has a full colour, wrap-around, dustwrapper by Val Biro.

The books were published at £21.50. plus postage.

In David's latest catalogue, June 2014, all three are now available, mint in d/w, at the greatly reduced bargain price of £8 each plus postage.

The first 100 of the trade editions, now all sold, were signed by Val Biro and by David Schutte and cost £25 each - plus postage.

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Val Biro's cover
for the BBc Scripts
David Schutte 2008
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Full details of the books are on the respective titles' pages.

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In 2009 David had a limited edition print run made of each of Val Biro's original paintings for the dustwrappers, without the lettering.
These are 16 inches by 11 inches and are signed by the artist. There are only 30 of each of these prints.
Originally they were sold for £45 each - or £100 for a set of three. They all sold quickly.

Contact details are as follows:
N.B. New address and telephone number 2014:
David Schutte
43 Halnaker,
West Susssex
PO18 0NQ
Tel: 01243 536749
website http://davidschutte.co.uk

It was David's knowledge of BBC Radio's Children's Hour which led me to contact him over the chronic puzzle of how many serials had been made from Malcolm Saville's books. I was delighted to find that his knowledge was up to the task and his rapid response solved one of the longest running puzzles about Saville !
The full tale, and resolution, is told in the first edition of The Wise Owl newsletter - which can be downloaded from this site - or obtained by post.

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