First Published 1954 by Nelson

Illustrated by Ernest Shepard
Nelson dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
E H Shepard's dustwrapper
The first book in the Susan and Bill series.

Susan Brooks and Bill Starbright live in an industrial town in the Midlands. They are fortunate to move into one of the new estates on a hill just outside the old town. Here they meet and Bill shows Susan her new home surroundings.
A local problem is the old landowner, The Colonel, a grumpy old sort who has a wicked wolf-dog that eats children. Or so they say.
Bill wants to explore the Colonel's land. . .

A delightful book of adventure for the younger reader.

Reprinted: 1954: red boards, black blocking with title and vignette of two children on front board; 117pp; dedication to Eileen H Colwell; colour frontispiece and six b/w illustrations; full colour dustwrapper [illustrated]; cp 4/-
3rd impression 1958.

Other editions:

First Knight edition. Click to enlarge
first Knight cover
by 'Wayer'(?)
Knight 1967:
Paperback edition; revised by author see note at rear; 126pp; SBN 340-04022-X; illustrated by Lilian Buchanan; attractive cover, not credited, but signed 'Wayer'?; cp 3/6.

Reissued 1974 with new cover illustration by Barry Raynor; reprinted 1975 cp30p. Otherwise as 1967 edition.

first edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
second Knight cover
by Barry Raynor

White Lion 1976:
Hardback edition; brown boards, gold lettering on the spine; 135x205mm; 126pp; ISBN 85686-109-X; text as the Knight paperback and illustrations by Lilian Buchanan; dedication to Eileen Colwell missing.
Dustwrapper not credited.
White Lion wrapper. Click to enlarge
White Lion dustwrapper

Click to enlarge
Swedish edition cover
by Maeg Kroon
Swedish edition 1956: as Susan, Bill och Schäfern.
A pocketbook with stiff card boards and red cloth spine; text illustrations by E H Shepard; translated by Lena Fries; no dustwrapper. [For illustration of, and information on this edition, thanks to Eva M Löfgren]

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