First Published 1954 by Nelson

Illustrated by Ernest Shepard
Nelson dustwrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=30KB)
E H Shepard's dustwrapper
3rd impression
The second book in the Susan and Bill series.

The story follows on from 'Susan, Bill and the Wolf Dog' at One Tree Estate.
The Colonel is now fully involved in the setting up of a Cricket Team, and the new families on the estate are beginning to lose their dislike of him. Or most are.
Susan and Bill play a lead role in the Summer game, with particular problems for the pair of them as they are lumbered with 'entertaining' a pain of a chap related to the Vicar.

First edition: colour frontispiece.

Second Impression 1954;
Third Impression 1958: Red boards with logo of Susan and Bill, black lettering; 115pp; full colour fontispiece of the blindfolding and six other illustrations in black and white by Ernest Shepard; dedication to Eileen Colwell
Dustwrapper full colour picture by Shepard of the two main characters by the old oak tree [illustrated]; cp 6/-

Other editions:
White Lion edition wrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=27KB)
White Lion dustwrapper
courtesy of Steven Handy
White Lion 1975:
Hardback edition with dustwrapper; red boards with gilt blocking; b/w frontispiece and six illustrations by Ernest Shepard; 115pp; cp 1.40.

[For information on this edition, thanks to Steven Handy]

Knight 1976:
paperback; ISBN 0-340-20501-6; 125pp; no illustrations; no dedication; cover illustration of Susan being blindfolded by Bill, credited to Barry Raynor; cp 45p.
Knight paperback. Click to enlarge (File size=29KB)
Knight paperback cover
by Barry Raynor

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