First Published 1970 by Collins

not illustrated
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First edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Steven Handy
18th in the Lone Pine series. Set in Shropshire.
First edition

2nd impression: blue boards, gold blocking on spine, including the cone logo; plain front board; map after contents page; no illustrations; 192pp.

Other editions:
Armada 1974:
map but no illustrations; 192pp; C913; cp 30p.
Reprinted 1977: cp 45p.
The Armada cover.  Click to enlarge (File Size=30KB)
The Armada cover

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Spanish dustwrapper by
Badia Camps
Molino 1973:
Spanish hardback edition as Caras Extranas En Witchend. Number 115 in their Colleccion Aventura series.
Translation by Ramon Margalef Llambrich; 191 pages with eight black and white illustrations by Ramon Escolano.
Cover and dustwrapper artwork is by Badia Camps.

[For information on, and illustration of, this edition thanks to Steven Handy]

Girls Gone By 2005:
The second Lone Pine book to be published by Girls Gone By, following their new edition of Where's My Girl

Published in October 2005; paperback; 208pp; ISBN 1-904417-71-X
It contains the full text (and map) from the first edition. It has, in addition, a preface by Rosemary Dowler, one of the author's daughters, an introduction by Mark O'Hanlon and two articles by Mary Cadogan.
The first is her personal memories of Malcolm Saville, the second a study of the book. Additional material of interest to the reader and a publishing history for the book follow, provided by Laura Hicks.
The final page is an advert for The Complete Lone Pine and other Saville related titles published by Mark O'Hanlon.
The background colour for this edition is yellow, as can be seen on the 'opened' and enlarged view by clicking the picture.

The original cover artwork - uncredited but almost certainly by Collins' main artist at this time, Peter Archer, is used, his spine art is reproduces on the back of the book, along with the 'blurb' from the front flap of the first edition.
At the back of the book is a complete list of Saville's books followed by a list of Girls Gone By books in print at that time.
The book was published at 9.99, postage free, from the publishers (see Links page)
Note: An error in the Publishing History credits the cover as being painted by 'Steven Handy'. Steven's name appears below the top illustration because he provided me with the excellent scan of his first edition wrapper and the author of the article had misunderstood !]

(N.B. This edition is now out of print.)

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Girls Gone By

Second Girls Gone By edition 2014:
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Girls Gone By
2014> dustwrapper
Paperback; 224pp; ISBN 978-1-84745-186-6
A new edition, with the same preface, introduction and articles by Mary Cadogan, but with extra material and revised and extended Publishing History.
The extra material is a five page extract entitled The Shropshire Highlands by Malcolm Saville from his 1945 book Open Air Scrap-Book for Boys and Girls
The text of the story is identical to that in the previous edition, but has been 'reset', as it were, to take advantage of the very slightly thinner paper of this reprinting. This has allowed the chapter and article titles to appear at the top of each page.
The covers use the same material, but for this edition the background colour is a dark blue, and there are slight differences in the text layout on the rear panel, as can be seen on clicking on the picture.
The book is available at 13 including postage to UK direct from the publishers.

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