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Richard Griffiths started RHG Books in 2005 with the publication of a new hardback edition of Home to Witchend.
The Newnes editions are the core of the Lone Pine series - and the lack of matching volumes of the later books in the series prompted Richard to plan a Newnes version of the only one which had suffered the ignominy of being first published as a paperback.

This is the result.
A Newnes Home to Witchend.
And it's a lovely job. Slip off the dustwrapper and the boards are exposed and, delight of delights, there is the title and author on the front board, and the Pine Tree logo - just as it should be. Open the front flap of the dustwrapper and the blurb is in blue and red - just as it used to be.
The text looks the same too - the printing font chosen for this reprint is the same as Newnes used for all but their earliest Lone Pine printings.

The book sits at home with the Newnes hardbacks and the new wrapper is designed to complement those of the earlier books. Anne Proctor has painted Seven White Gates Farm - using Saville's home, Westend Farm, at the time of the first Lone Pine books as the model.

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Home to Witchend
New Hardback

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Little Light
October 2006
In October 2006 Richard published a completely new book, Little Light by Sam Young, a Lone Pine enthusiast.

The story is stimulated by an affection for the characters Malcolm Saville invented and the settings in Sussex and in Shropshire of the Children's books. However this is a modern day adult story of characters whose lives seem mixed with the old fiction, but take the reader into a different world.

It is not a continuation of the series, and the rather misleading label 'A New Lone Pine Story' was removed from the wrapper as soon as it was discovered to have been misleading to those wanting a continuation story.

The rather sombre, atmospheric dustwrapper by Anne Proctor shows another of the book's settings - a gloomy London.

This was followed in December 2006 by a reprint of Saville's Treasure at the Mill with all Harry Pettit's drawings and original dustwrapper.

An appendix adds the credits, and notes about the film, from discussions with family members and a comparison between book and film. The rear flap has four stills from the film.
(The film has been released on DVD by the Malcolm Saville Society)

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Treasure at the Mill
New Hardback

Home to Witchend Malcolm Saville 2005
Treasure at the Mill Malcolm Saville 2006

Little Light Sam Young 2006

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