Prudence Eaton Seward

Born 1926, London [Horne]

She trained as an engraver, then worked as a free-lance illustrator from 1951 to 1975.
Amongst many other books she illustrated: Rumer Godden: Candy Floss (Macmillan 1955); William Mayne: The Man from the North Pole (Hamilton, 1963) and On the Stepping Stones (Hamilton 1963).
Like many other free-lance illustrators, her work was often seen in the Radio Times, and it is here that we find the Saville connection.
When the BBC broadcast the radio serial of The Buckinghams at Ravenswyke, on the Northern Region in 1959 Malcolm Saville contributed a short article on the story and its setting to the Children's supplement.
Hence we find, in the issue dated November 20th the article announcing the serial's first episode in Children's Hour on the coming Saturday, and alongside is the picture on the right.

Oddly, she seems to have too many characters in the picture.

Seward's illustration. Click to enlarge (File size=60KB)
Juliet and Simon Buckingham and their friend Charles find
the first clue to the mystery in an antique shop in Whitby.

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