First Published 1976 by Henry Goulden

Illustrated by Michael Renton
first edition wrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=26KB)
first edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Steven Handy

A guidebook to the ancient Sussex town of Rye and its surrounding countryside.

First Edition:
A hrdback book; illustrated with ten wood engravings by Michael Renton and containing a poem by Patric Dickinson; brown boards with gilt blocking; 93pp; cp 5.

Simultaneously published as a paperback at 3.50.

[The above information courtesy of Steven Handy]

Other editions:

O'Hanlon 1999:
new edition; revised, to bring the information up to date, by Mark O'Hanlon; paperback; title page vignette, cover, map and 10 b/w illustrations by John Allsup; 126pp; ISBN 0-9528059-2-8; cp 8.99

[This edition is still (Aug 2002) in print and obtainable from Mark, via the Society site (see 'Links' above)]

second edition cover. Click to enlarge (File size=26KB)
2nd edition cover

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