Pablo Ramirez

Born: 1926
Died: 1966

One of Spain's most celebrated graphic artists, whose death at the early age of 39 left a career of innovation and a wealth of material which refreshed the world of illustration.

Much of his work was done for the publisher Molino or 'Youth Mill' whose issues in Spain of the children's books of popular English authors gave him the inspiration to write and illustrate his own books.

As well as Malcolm Saville titles he illustrated works by Richmal Crompton and Enid Blyton as well as detective fiction by Agatha Christie, John Dickinson Carr and others.

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Malcolm Saville books with Pablo Ramirez covers:
Mystery at Witchend (1961)
Seven White Gates (1961)
The Gay Dolphin Adventure (1963)
The Secret of Grey Walls (1963)
Lone pine Five (1964)
The Elusive Grasshopper (1965)
and The Neglected Mountain (1965)
Molino also published All Summer Through in 1964, with his cover.
These are all illustrated below - for which thanks go not only to Steven Handy and Mike McGarry - ardent collectors, but also to Pablo Ramirez Junior, son of the artist, who has kindly provided some scans of his father's work.
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Created January 2005
updated March 2008

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