The Wise Owl

First Published 2008 by The Malcolm Saville Centenary Website

photo of first Christmas issue.
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Front page of the first, Christmas, issue
An occasional newsletter published by the website (me) and available for download free (you'll need Adobe Reader to read it - see below) or, printed, by post by sending stamped self-addressed envelopes including an additional loose First Class stamp for each copy (to cover printing) to the publisher.

There are now six issues. To download them, click the links below. As the issues contain illustrations the files are large and they may take several minutes to open. Once opened they can be read or printed out on your, or the Library's, printer for perusal later.

Download here:
First Issue: December 2008
Second Issue: April 2009
Third Issue: July 2009
Fourth Issue: February 2010
Fifth Issue: July 2010
Sixth Issue: June 2011

For those who want a copy sent to them by post (within the UK) please send a first class stamp and your stamped, self-addressed, envelope, marking it 'MS'*(see below) at the top left corner, to me at:

John Allsup, Flat 6, 41 Bargate, RICHMOND, North Yorkshire DL10 4QY

If you want, send several, for I am intending to 'publish' this quarterly. However, there are no promises . . .

Adobe Reader
In order to read the edition on your computer, or indeed print it out, you must have the program Adobe Reader installed.
This program may well be already installed, if not then it can be obtained, free, from the website and select 'downloads' from the top menu, then select 'Get Adobe Reader'.

* NOTE: this 'MS' is important - without it you might get a copy of the Monica Edwards newsletter 'The Ferry-Hut News' from !

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Created December 2008
last updated 9th June 2011