First Published 1953 by Newnes

Early Newnes dustwrapper.  Click to enlarge (File Size=24KB)
Newnes wrapper by Bertram Prance
Illustrated by Bertram Prance

7th book of the Lone Pine series. Set in the Stiperstones country in Shropshire.

The story actually begins with a mysterious crash on the Long Mynd, but it is weeks later that it comes to a head.
Mackie becomes the centre of this adventure when the Lone Piners take part in a race across Shropshire. We follow the three teams in their attempt to reach Bishops Castle first.

First edition: map endpapers; 3 maps in text and 8 full page illustrations.

2nd impression 1959: dark blue boards, red blocking; 248pp
3rd impression 1965: blue boards, red blocking; 248pp; cp 10/6

Other editions:
Children's Book Club: nd (1955/6?):
Hardback edition; green boards, black blocking; 248pp; illustrated with the original Bertram Prance illustrations and same map eps front and rear; cost 3s 6d; dustwrapper illustration not credited.
[For information on this edition, thanks to Steven Handy]
CBC wrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=30KB)
CBC edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Steven Handy

first Armada. Click to enlarge
first Armada edition
Armada 1964:
Paperback edition; revised; cover by Peter Archer; with all the full page illustrations by Bertram Prance from the first edition; all maps included; Armada number C78; cp 2/6.

Re-issued 1969 with new number C295; new cover 'design' credited to Peter Archer; maps and illustrations as previous edition; cp dual '2/6 12½p'

second Armada. Click to enlarge
second Armada edition
cover: Peter Archer

Goodchild edition wrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=50KB)
Goodchild edition dustwrapper
Goodchild 1986:
Revised edition; hardback with dustwrapper; no illustrations; all maps; 215pp; wrap around picture on d/w by Gordon King; cp 6.25.

Girls Gone By 2009:
New paperback reissue with the full original text and illustrations along with some extra articles.
The extras include an introduction by Mary Cadogan, an expert on children's writing and friend of Malcolm Saville. There is a brief summary of the author's life by Mark O'Hanlon and a note on the Malcolm Saville Society by Lorna Hicks.
New to the series is an article on Lone Pine Shropshire, with photographs - followed by an illustrated Publishing history for the book, both by John Allsup (so you can email me and point out the errors and omissions !)
Sarah Woodall provides notes on the text used for this edition and the appendices - recording errors in the first edition and material from the second Armada edition.
There follows a complete Bibliography for the author, a page about the publishers and finally a page advertising the latest products from Mark O'Hanlon.

288 pages in all, and an attractive and fulfilling read. One for the collector's shelf !
ISBN 978-1-84745-065-4.
(N.B. This edition is now out of print.)

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Girls Gone By edition
April 2009

Foreign Editions:

Molino 1965:
Spanish translation; as La Montana Abandonada.
Hardback edition, with dustwrapper by Pablo Ramirez
Spanish dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
Molino edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Mark O'Hanlon

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