Newnes published the first sixteen of the Lone Pine series as well as two other fiction titles. Both of these latter were initially seen as the start of new series'.
They also published the book which Malcolm Saville often referred to as his favourite: Jane's Country Year.

The Lone Pine list:
Mystery at Witchend 1943 reprinted eleven times.
Seven White Gates 1944 reprinted nine times.
The Gay Dolphin Adventure 1945 reprinted seven times.
The Secret of Grey Walls 1947 reprinted six times.
Lone Pine Five 1949 reprinted three times.
Elusive Grasshopper 1951 reprinted three times.
The Neglected Mountain 1953 reprinted twice
Saucers over the Moor 1955 reprinted once.
Wings Over Witchend 1956 reprinted once
Lone Pine London 1957
The Secret of the Gorge 1958
Mystery Mine 1959
Sea Witch Comes Home 1960
Not Scarlet But Gold 1962
Treasure at Amorys 1964
Man With Three Fingers 1966

Other fiction:
Four and Twenty Blackbirds 1959
Treasure at the Mill 1957

Jane's Country Year 1946 reprinted twice.

Newnes also published of Sunny Stories Magazine, which Malcolm Saville edited when Enid Blyton parted with the publishers in 1953. He edited the collection:
Read Aloud Tales from Sunny Stories in 1948.

For many years Newnes hosted the Lone Pine Club, issuing badges and advertising material for his books as well as sending birthday cards to the members.

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