Published 2010 by Girls Gone By

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First Edition cover
The story of a long time fan of the Lone Pine books who contacted Malcolm Saville as a child and began a relationship which lasted from her childhood into adulthood and gave her an insight into the problems encountered by the author, both light and more serious, in his continuing a seemingly never-ending series of stories.
The book promises to give an insight into the working of the mind of the Children's author throughout the years his books were most popular.

First edition:
175x245mm; large format paperback; cover with portrait photograph of Malcolm Saville signed to the author and selections from the cover illustrations of Jane's Country Year, Wings over Witchend, Four and Twenty Blackbirds and The Elusive Grasshopper.

The rear of the cover has two photographs of the essential Shropshire locations of the Lone Pine series: the Devil's Chair crowning the Stiperstones and the house under the Long Mynd which was the original of Witchend.

N.B. This book is now out of print.

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