First Published 1950 by Evans

Evans dustwrapper 3rd imp.  Click to enlarge
Evans dustwrapper, 3rd impression
Illustrated by Alice Bush

The first book of what was to become Buckinghams series.
In which Juliet and Simon Buckingham, at their home at Leasend in Shropshire, meet a young itinerant musician, Charles Renislau, and throw in their lot with him.

First edition: blue boards, gold blocking with title and author's signature on front board; 130x190mm, 'thick' book; 223pp; 2 different map endpapers; colour frontispiece and 12 b/w illustrations.

2nd imp 1959.
3rd imp 1964: as first but front board blank; no maps; frontispiece same as first but reproduced in b/w; d/w rear lists other four in series with reviews; cp 12/6

Other Editions:

CBC edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
CBC edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Steven Handy
Children's Book Club 1951:
hardback with dustwrapper; slim book; green boards, gold lettering on spine; 223pp; no maps; colour frontispiece and all b/w illustrations; dustwrapper illustration not credited; cp 2/6.
[For extra information on this edition, thanks to Steven Handy]

Scottie 1956:
small paperback, 160x110mm; 221pp; number J41; all twelve of the original b/w illustrations by Alice Bush; cover picture, signed bottom left Marc Stone. The signature is only visible on one of the three copies I have - in the case of the other two it has been removed in the final trimming of the book during production.
The picture is of Charles Renislau climbing from the window with Juliet and Simon waiting below; cp 'two shillings'.
Scottie cover. Click to enlarge
Scottie paperback cover

first Armada. Click to enlarge
First Armada cover
by Peter Archer
Armada 1968:
cover Peter Archer; 159pp; 6 illustrations by Alice Bush; C211; cp 2/6.

reissued 1976 with new cover as C1123: no maps; 6 of original illustrations; cover by Gordon King; 159pp; cp 40p.

second Armada. Click to enlarge
Second Armada edition
cover by Gordon King

Collins edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
Collins edition dustwrapper
Collins 1971: revised; dark blue boards, gold lettering on spine; 135x205mm; 160pp; no illustrations; no maps; d/w front colour picture of boy on rope, others below; spine picture of car; cp (1.50 on label, printed price clipped)
Reprinted 1973.

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