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Mark O'Hanlon published his study of Malcolm Saville's Lone Pine series of books in 1996. The Complete Lone Pine was a thick paperback illustrated throughout with maps and drawings. It quickly sold out and a reprint was made later that year. This was also soon sold out and for years the book was unobtainable. Recently a new, fully revised and extended edition has been issued, this time in hardback.

In 1998 Mark completed and published the book that Malcolm Saville had planned but not completed, The Silent Hills of Shropshire and in the following year reissued an updated version of Saville's Portrait of Rye. Both these are paperback editions.
In 2001 Mark published his biography of Malcolm Saville, as a hardback, under the title Beyond the Lone Pine.
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The Complete Lone Pine by Mark O'Hanlon, published: June 1996, reprinted August 1996. New revised Edition 2005.
The Silent Hills of Shropshire by Malcolm Saville and Mark O'Hanlon, published 1998
Portrait of Rye by Malcolm Saville, new edition ed. by Mark O'Hanlon 1999
Beyond the Lone Pine by Mark O'Hanlon, published 2001

Mark has recently produced a CD ROM of all the Malcolm Saville Newsletters the author sent out to fans during the 1970s, and has also produced a series of SoundBYTE Audio CDs relating to the author's life and work.

Details of these are available from Mark's website:


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Bonus Disk 2

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