My Garden

An Intimate Magazine for Garden Lovers


The magazine was founded by Theo A Stephens, who was also its editor.

The first issue was published in January 1934.

This small size, 150 page, magazine appears to have been what is known as a 'coffee-table' type rather than a handbook full of practical tips.
The first issue contained a lengthy essay by Beverley Nichols, author, and contributions from other notables followed: A A Milne, W E Johns and others. Reginald Arkell was a regular contributor. Illustrations were attractive and by recognised artists. On the whole, a delightful read.

The garden was at the magazine's centre though, and at least one book was was published as an assistance to the keen gardener:
My Garden's Choice - of Rock Plants, Trees, Flowering Shrubs and Herbaceous Plants, Edited by Theo a Stephens and published by C A Pearson in 1941.
It has 24 colour plates and 144 half-tone illustrations by Johnson.

The magazine also published other books:
My Garden's Good-night in 1939, My Garden's Scrap Book of Wit and Wisdom in 1949
and My Garden's Bedside Book in 1951.
The first and last of these each include a light article by Malcolm Saville; Stonewall Jackson in the former and My Gardener Smithson in the latter. The first is given as written by D J Desmond, whereas the second is published here under his own name. They are both delightful, humorous pieces.
These books were all under the editorship of Theo A Stephens

In 1946 Malcolm Saville joined Theo as his assistant and became Associate Editor of the magazine. He had already been a contributor for some years and got on well with its editor.
Mark O'Hanlon reports in his book Beyond the Lone Pine that when the magazine moved to offices in Guildford in 1949, the Savilles moved house and lived for a while over the office.
Malcolm Saville remained the Associate Editor of the magazine until its sad demise in 1951

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