Mary Gernat


Worked as a cover artist for Armada Books in the 1960s.

She only seems to have done the cover of one of Malcolm Saville's books: The Sign of the Alpine Rose (1963) for them.

Her loose, fluid style lends great liveliness to the illustrations.

This illustration is from the back of the Armada paperback.

back of Armada cover. Click to enlarge (File size=38KB)
Back illustration of the Armada edition

She did the covers for other Armada books, including four of the Monica Edwards titles in the 1960s.
She had been the illustrator of Enid Blyton's book The Six Bad Boys (Lutterworth 1951), and produced wrappers for some of the Methuen reprints of her 'Mystery' series of books. She later illustrated some of these in Dragon paperback editions.

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