by Gee Denes

Story by D J Desmond

First Published 1948 by Nelson

First edition wrapper. Click to enlarge (File Size=32KB)
The first edition dustwrapper
'Jennifer went to Sunnylands Farm to stay with her cousin John and his sisters Angela and Christine at the beginning of the summer. She had been ill with measles. Now the measles had quite gone, but the doctor said she need not go back to school yet, and that three or four months in the country would do her a lot of good. Jennifer thought this was a grand idea, and as soon as her Uncle George met her at the little station with the roses on the fence she knew that this visit was going to be a big adventure.'

First edition: Quarto size hardback with dustwrapper. Boards green and white figured with farm animals and machinery; lettering and two line illustrations of children in red; eps blue/green/yellow illustration of haystack and ladder by Q Durov; 39pp; 29 full colour photographs by Gee Denes.
Dustwrapper: background same design in yellow and white as the boards but with colour photograph of children with a farm horse.
1st edition boards. Click to enlarge (File size=30KB)
first edition decorated boards
This is the fourth in an innovative series in which Gee Denes used colour photography instead of colour paintings to illustrate a children's 'factual' book.
The previous titles were: Jennifer Goes to School, John and Jennifer at the Zoo and Christmas at Timothy's. The series was very well received at the time, and most popular.

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