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Added information.

Adobe Reader.


Brown Family series.

Buckinghams series.

Carter, Barry.

BBC Children's Hour.

The Children's Newspaper
This weekly carried three of Saville's books as serials: The Buckinghams at Ravenswyke in 1952, The Secret of Buzzard Scar in 1955 and The Secret of the Gorge in 1958.

Church Stretton & South Shropshire Walks by Robert Smart

Collections i.e. books containing Saville articles, short stories etc.

Colwell, Eileen H.

Dalesman magazine..

Dartmoor magazine.

David Schutte

D J Desmond.

Evergreen Magazine.

Foreign editions

The Gay Dolphin Hotel

Griffiths, Richard: RHG Books


Ingles Farm: the original..

Jillies series.

Kaleidoscope programme on Radio 4 about Saville, Witchend Once More.

Latest information.

Lone Pine series.

Lone Pine Club: a personal memory.

Lone Pine Shropshire booklet.

Malcolm Saville - A Friendship Remembered book.

Malcolm Saville - An Illustrated Bibliography book.

Marston Baines series.

Meet Your Authors

Michael and Mary series.

Mickey Mouse Weekly comic: serials of: Lone Pine Five,
Secret in the Mist,
Seven White Gates
and the article A Little Girl Becomes Our Queen.

My Garden magazine.

Nettleford series.

Mark O'Hanlon: Intro.
His books: The Complete Lone Pine, The Silent Hills of Shropshire, Portrait of Rye and Beyond the Lone Pine.
Mark as publisher
Article in Evergreen Magazine.

Noble, Jane.

Prior's Holt.


Saville, Robin.

Series books.

Simpson, Geoff.

Robert Smart.

Theo A Stephens.

Sunny Stories magazine.

Susan and Bill series.

Treasure and Trouble DVD.

Turner, Viv.

Walker, Richard.

Wise Owl, The.

SoundBYTE audio disks

Witchend: the original.