First Published 1978 by Armada

First Edition cover. Click to enlarge
First Edition cover
not illustrated

The 20th and final book of the Lone Pine series.
Set in Shropshire, all the characters gather.

First Edition: paperback; cover not credited; map after contents page; no illustrations; appendix of series characters compiled by Viv Turner; 159pp; Armada number C1477; cp 50p.

[An article, by Viv Turner, about her friendship with Malcolm Saville and the origins of the character index which appears in this book was printed in the Folly magazine number 36, in July 2002. She wrote more about her meetings with Saville in Acksherley!, the Society magazine, No. 13, March 2000]

Reprinted: 1980?
Occasional copies have turned up which have 75p printed over the original price. That price was current in 1980. I don't know whether the edition has a given reprint date, if not it might simply be a repricing, not a reprint. Unfortunately my copy like this has long gone !

Other Editions:
Severn House 1979:
Hardback edition; maroon boards, gold lettering along spine; 135x205mm; map; no illustrations; 160pp; d/w posed colour photograph; cp 3.50; ISBN 0 7278 0464 2.
Severn House edition. Click to enlarge
Severn House dustwrapper

Jade edition. Click to enlarge
cover of Jade edition
Jade 1990:
Paperback edition; no map; no illustrations; cover by Ron King; cover design Samantha Edwards; 172pp including the appendix; cp 2.99

Richard Griffiths February 2005:

A new hardback edition, produced to match the earlier Newnes editions of the same series.

This is a beautiful book, dark blue cloth covered boards with red blocking, title and author and tree on the front board ! (just as those Newnes titles of long ago).
It is the same size as most of the Newnes editions; 190x130mm (approx 7.5x4.75 inches) and is just under one inch thick; 202pp.
The map from the original edition is used, as might be expected, as endpapers for the book.

dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
Richard Griffiths edition dustwrapper

The dustwrapper features a full colour wrap-around painting by Anne Proctor of Seven White Gates farm.
The design of the dustwrapper follows closely those used in the 1950s by Newnes; a lovely thought. The book was published with a cover price of 18 which included postage.
Richard is to be complimented on this lovely book; anyone want my First paperback and Severn House hardback copies ?

This edition is now (2015) sadly out of print.
For further information on other books published by Richard, visit his site at www.rhgbooks.co.uk

Girls Gone By November 2015:
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cover artwork of
Girls Gone By edition
The new paperback edition completes the full Lone Pine series of reprints from this small publishing concern.

Like their other creations, this edition is exactly as the original publication, but in addition contains material of special interest to the reader and book collector.
The additional material includes an article on the making of the book, provided by Viv Turner, adapted from her book Malcolm Saville: A Friendship Remembered GGBP 2010.
There is an illustrated Publishing History, by myself, detailed notes from Laura Hicks on the preparation of the text for publication and further information for the reader.
The front cover artwork, uncredited in the Armadaedition, but confirmed as being the work of Peter Archer by the artist in his meeting with Mike McGarry in early 2016 and reported in his article in Acksherley No 59*, has been cleverly completed to remove the Armada 'New in Paperback flash across the bottom right corner.
The book has 212 pages, its ISBN is 978-1-84745-205-4, and it can be obtained from the publishers at 13 including postage for as long as it remains 'in print' or from dealers listed on their site.

This edition is now out of print. (April 2017)]

* Acksherley is the official magazine of the Malcolm Saville Society.

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