Girls Gone By

This small publishers, specialising in reprints of collectable young people's literature started reprinting Malcolm Saville's Lone Pine series in 2005 with their edition of Where's My Girl ?.
Girls Gone By paperback. Click to enlarge This was followed by Strangers at Witchend, and in March 2006 by their lovely edition of Mystery at Witchend.
They followed this with Seven White Gates in September 2006.

Since then they have continued through the series, bringing out two books a year. In November 2015 they republished the last book of the Lone Pine series, Home to Witchend.

They have already now or reprinted as second editions, Mystery at Witchend, Strangers at Witchend, the latter containing an additional article by Malcolm Saville which has been out of print for almost seventy years and recently, Where's My Girl ? in an edition which contains, as an 'extra' the only Lone Pine short story known to exist.

2016 has seen the reissue of the first of Saville's spy adventure series for older youngsters - the Marston Baines series - Three Towers in Tuscany.
2017 has started with the reprinting of Where's My Girl ? - and this contains the short story featuring Penny Warrender and set at The Gay Dolphin hotel: The Flower Show Hat .
Later in the year we will see the appearance of The Purple Valley, second of the Martson Baines series.

The full list - with indications as to which are 'in print' can be found below.

Girls Gone By paperback. Click to enlarge
Each edition is of the full original text, more important when it comes to reprinting the earlier books than with the ex-Collins first editions. Illustrations will be from the original books, and they have additional articles concerning aspects of the author and his work.
The books are beautifully produced and available at reasonable cost - currently £13 including postage UK, if paying by cheque - slightly more abroad or if paying by other methods (April 2012).

In addition to the fiction titles by Malcolm Saville, the publishers published the non-fiction title Malcolm Saville - A Friendship Remembered by Viv Turner.
This was published in late 2010 and is now out of print. More information via the book's page.

Where's My Girl ? 2005
Strangers at Witchend 2005
Mystery at Witchend 2006
Seven White Gates 2006
The Gay Dolphin Adventure 2007
The Secret of Grey Walls 2007
Lone Pine Five 2008
The Elusive Grasshopper 2008
The Neglected Mountain 2009
Saucers over the Moor 2009
Wings Over Witchend 2010
Lone Pine London 2010
The Secret of the Gorge 2011
Mystery Mine 2011
Sea Witch Comes Home* 2012
Not Scarlet But Gold* 2012
Treasure at Amorys* 2013
Man with Three Fingers* 2013
Rye Royal 2014
Strangers at Witchend new edition 2014
Mystery at Witchend* reprint 2015
Home to Witchend 2015
Where's My Girl ? new edition including The Flower Show Hat* 2017

Three Towers in Tuscany* 2016 (The first of the Marston Baines spy series)
The Purple Valley*
2017 (The second in the Marston Baines series)

Malcolm Saville - A Friendship Remembered 2010

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