First Published 1945 by Newnes

First Edition dustwrapper.  Click to enlarge (File Size=25KB)
First Newnes wrapper by Bertram Prance
Illustrated by Bertram Prance

The first of the books to be set in Rye, Sussex.
Jon and Penny Warrender start the story, which centres around the old hotel called The Gay Dolphin.
They are later joined by the Mortons, who appear and stay at the hotel. An adventure happens when the five (or six with Mackie !) join forces.
This is also the book which introduces Mrs Ballinger, who was to become a regular feature of the series.

This book also became a serial play on the BBC Radio's Children's Hour .

First Edition: gilt lettering on boards; map endpapers credited to David Saville; 8 full-page illustrations; 255pp; dustwrapper rear has large photo of author with text, but no book list.

2nd imp 1946: fawn boards, gilt blocking
3rd imp 1948: fawn boards, red blocking, title, author and tree front board; slim book; d/w white spine; 255pp; cp 7/6.
4th edn 1949: fawn boards, red blocking: title, author and tree on front board; paper thicker, making book bulkier than previous editions; Dustwrapper white spine.
5th edn 1950: fawn boards, red blocking, title, author and tree on front board; thicker book; d/w B Prance with new spine vignette of Penny with the map; 255pp; cp 7/6.
6th edn 1954: tan cloth with red blocking
7th impression 1958: green boards with dark green blocking, tree front board; cp 8/6 net
8th edn 1963. green boards; black blocking, title, author and tree front board; 255pp; d/w by Terence Freeman; cp 10/6; inscribed '© Malcolm Saville 1958'
The second Newnes d/w (click to enlarge. File size=39KB)
Newnes 1963
d/w Terry Freeman

Other Editions:

Collins edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
Collins edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Mike McGarry
Collins 1969:
Revised hardback edition with dustwrapper.

Collins Budget 1972:
Hardback edition with pictorial boards.
Collins 'Budget' edn. Click to enlarge
Collins 'Budget' edition
courtesy of Mike McGarry

Armada cover. Click to enlarge (File size=28KB)
Armada cover
Armada 1970:
Paperback edition; 191pp; map (credit to D Saville removed); no illustrations; cover picture not credited; Armada number C353; cp dual '3/6 (17½p)'.
reprinted 1971: cp 20p; 1978: cp 50p.

Goodchild 1983:
Revised hardback edition; no illustrations, dustwrapper by Gordon King.
Click to enlarge
Goodchild edition 1983
dustwrapper by Gordon King

Girls Gone By cover. Click to enlarge
Girls Gone By edition cover
by Bertram Prance
Girls Gone By April 2007:
This new paperback edition has the complete, original, text from the first edition with all the Bertram Prance illustrations, as well as the map of the Rye area by David Saville, the author's brother.

In addition, the book includes an introduction by Mark O'Hanlon and an article by Mary Cadogan. This is followed by an illustrated publishing history by myself, with a section by Laura Hicks analysing the typsetting and text of the first edition, and commenting on its interpretation for this edition.

Like the others from this publisher the cover is reproduced from the first edition, dustwrapper, electronically restored. The back of the paperback reproduces the white spine of the original and the text from the front dustwrapper flap. (click on image to see).
Size: 130x190mm; 312pp; ISBN 978-1-84745-016-6.
This is another lovely paperback, beautifully produced. It was available for 10.99, including postage, from the publishers.
(N.B. This edition is now out of print.)

David Schutte 2009:
The scripts from the BBC Radio 6 part serialisation of the book. Adaptation by Muriel Levy.
This hardback matches the other two Lone Pine radio scripts as a hardback with lovely full colour wrapper and a black and white frontispiece of Jon and Penny at Camber Castle by Val Biro.
Bound in orange cloth, 128 pages, Introduction by Colin Harding and Publishers Notes by David Schutte. ISBN: 978-0-9564239-0-0
Available from the publisher (see Links) for 21.50 (or 25 for signed editions 100 only) not including postage.
A signed limited edition print of the dustwrapper artwork has been produced in an edition of 30.
Click to enlarge
Radio scripts Cover
By Val Biro

Foreign Editions:

Australian edition wrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=20KB)
Australian edition dustwrapper
Dymocks 1952
courtesy of Mike McGary
Dymocks 1952:
Australian hardback edition, with Prance's illustrations and dustwrapper.

[For information on this edition, thanks to Mike McGary]

Molino 1963:
Spanish translation; as 'Aventura en el Gay Dolphin'.
Number 39 in the publisher's Serie "Aventura"; Translation by Ramon Margalef Llambrich.
Hardback with laminated cover (probably also with dustwrapper of same design); 224 pages; no lists following; text illustrations by Bertram Prance; title page vignette of the Pine Tree, (Newnes' logo); no map (at least in my copy)
Cover illustration by Pablo Ramirez of Penny and Jon being met by the hotel car. Rear panel of cover has Lone Pine 'Dokkerment' oddly giving David's surname as 'Sterling'. There is no cover price.

Spanish cover. Click to enlarge
Spanish edition cover
by Pablo Ramirez

Het Spectrum cover. Click to enlarge (File size=31KB)
Het Spectrum 1963
courtesy of Mike McGary
Het Spectrum 1963:
Dutch translation as 'Het geheim van de oude herberg'.
Paperback edition in the Prisma Juniores series number 226.
Cover illustration not credited but signed 'de Leeuw'

[For information on this edition, thanks to Mike McGary]

Disney's Juniorclub 1984:
Hardback edition as Het geheim van de oude herberg
Translation by S.H.M. Horrevoets-Hueber; 158 pages; no map, no illustrations.
The attractive colour picture in the front cover is by Ruud Bruijn; ISBN 90-320-3355-7

[For information on this edition, thanks to Steven Handy]

Click to enlarge
Disney's Juniorclub edition
courtesy of Steven Handy

Karisto 1990: Finnish translation.

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