Foreign editions

Many of Savilles's books were issued abroad. The following list gives the titles of some of these editions with their original english titles. The latter are links to the relevant page on those books.

A Praia das Surpresas Susan, Bill and the Saucy Kate
As Férias Maravilhosas Susan, Bill and the Pirates Bold
Aventura del Arbol de Navidad Wings Over Witchend
Aventura en el Gay Dolphin The Gay Dolphin Adventure
Bill Marston Contre Inconnus Three Towers in Tuscany
Bill Marston et les disparus de Majorque White Fire
Caras Extranos en Witchend Strangers at Witchend
de jacht op de talisman The Luck of Sallowby.
De Jillies op dievenjacht Redshank's Warning.
De schat in de watermolen Treasure at the Mill.
Den Hemmelige Dalen The Purple Valley
Der Sohn des Zummermanns King of Kings
Deux Tresses Blondes Two Fair Plaits
El Club de Los Lechuzos All Summer Through
El Club del Pino Solitario Mystery at Witchend
El Hombre de los Tres Dedos Man With Three Fingers
El Misterio de los Falsificadores Lone Pine London
El Regreso de la 'Bruja del Mar' Sea Witch Comes Home
El Saltamontes Esquivo The Elusive Grasshopper
El Secreto de Rye Royal Rye Royal
El Secreto de Grey Walls The Secret of Grey Walls
El secreto del barranco The Secret of the Gorge
El Tesoro de Amorys Treasure at Amorys
Farlig Ferie Three Towers in Tuscany
Het geheim van de oude herberg The Gay Dolphin Adventure
Het geheim van de zeven witte hekken Seven White Gates
Het geheim van het eenzame huis The Secret of Grey Walls
Konungarnas Konung King of Kings
La Montana Abandonada The Neglected Mountain
Los Cinco del Pino Solitario Lone Pine Five
Misterio en la Mina Mystery Mine
Misterio de los platillos volantes Saucers Over the Moor
Misterio en la canada Not Scarlet But Gold
O Cão Lobo Susan, Bill and the Wolf Dog
O Circo Ambulante Susan, Bill and the Bright Star Circus
O Homen de Preto Susan, Bill and the Dark Stranger
O Rapaz Fugitivo Susan, Bill and the Vanishing Boy
O Relógio Dourado Susan, Bill and the Golden Clock
O Roble Secular Susan, Bill and the Ivy Clad Oak
Ontvoering in de mist Two Fair Plaits.
Raadsels om de heksenhoek Mystery at Witchend
Seikkailu Alkaa Mystery at Witchend
Siete Verjas Blancas Seven White Gates
Susan, Bill och Schäfern Susan, Bill and the Wolf Dog
Spy in the Hills Mystery at Witchend.

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