Where I have added new information, it is mentioned here so that you won't miss something important!

Changes listed in order: most recent first.

28th January 2018: HAPPY NEW YEAR !
Treasure at Amorys is now 'out of print' at Girls Gone By Publishers. Dealers will have stock, I'm sure.
There are less than 30 copies of Sea Witch Comes Home left at the publishers, so if you delay much longer you'll have to hunt through various dealers to get new, unread, copies.

21st November 2017: Have gone through the first 'Guestbook' removing the email addresses of those who left messages. I've also corrected some of my typos etc therein (I do like 'therein' It's so useful !). I should have done this ages ago. I've also added some spacing to the messages which should reflect better how they were probably intended to be read.
If you haven't had a browse - I suggest you have a look - there are some fascinating ones . . .
Again - you may not see any changes until you 'reload' or 'refresh' the pages - your computer will possibly show you an earlier copy it's held in order to save time downloading another copy.

22nd July 2017: As you will see on the front page - Mark's production of The Lone Pine Hill Country has raised over £1200 for The Children's Society.
Although the auction part is over, it is still possible to donate to the charity - please click the picture on the front page to be taken to a page for donations - see if we can get to the £2000 target. Well done Mark !

You will also see that The Purple Valley has just been published by Girls Gone By. Another lovely book in the last Malcolm Saville series.
I've added detail and picture to the book's page and updated the Girls Gone By entry on the Publishers list.

16th June 2017: Auction 24th June - 'Lone Pine Hill Country' Mark O'Hanlon has created a new book - from photographs of the Shropshire hills, obtained mainly from the personal family albums of the Saville family.
These have been incorporated into a 'scrapbook' showing the hill country as it was from the family's earliest visit in 1937 until the mid 1970s. Full details can be found by following the link by clicking the picture and on the sale page on Ebay.
The auction is for a presentation copy - two will be 'up for grabs' and all profits will go to The Children's Society - which supports vulnerable and disadvantaged children.
If not wishing to put in a bid for the book, please feel free to put a donation, no matter how small - it all helps some youngster - .


To bid for one of the two books - go to www.ebay.co.uk and search for Lone Pine Hill Country in the Books, Comics and Magazines section.

6th May 2017: Have added out of print under the flash announcement for Home to Witchend on the welcome page. Out of print books will probably still be 'in stock' with some dealers, so should not be difficult to find. A lists of dealers who generally keep stock can be found on the Girls Gone By Publishers' site.
If in doubt as to which books are in print see the publishers' site or look at the GGBP page, found under 'Publishers' above.
25th April 2017: Have added The Purple Valley to the 'Welcome' page as its publication is expected at the end of July. If you want a copy it's advisable to put your order in now, either with the publishers or with one of their regular dealers. This is ensure that they print enough to cover the demand. I'll add more detail to the book's page when this edition appears.

9th April 2017: Where's My Girl ? was published by Girls Gone By and sent out to those who'd pre-ordered early this month. It's another lovely edition and, as I've noted below, it contains, as an 'extra', the difficult to find Lone Pine short short story The Flower Show Hat, reproduced with its two Bertram Prance Illustrations.

They have announced that The Purple Valley will be the next to be published and it is advisable to preorder the book from them as they are now printing only a few more than are they have orders for.

I've scanned the full cover of the former book, and added its front cover to the book's and the short story's pages with its description.
I have also updated the Girls Gone By page information.

(P.S. This website is now 16 years old.)

22nd January 2017: News from Girls Gone By:
Mystery Mine is now out of print with them. Still available, possibly, from some dealers. Strangers at Witchend is in very short supply with them (and that is their second edition from 2014).

Where's My Girl is being prepared for reprint. It should be available about March 2017. The special news here is that The Flower Show Hat, the short story set at the Gay Dolphin Hotel, will be included in this edition. This is the first time it has appeared in print since the Society republished it back in 2000.
The story features Penny, and included Jon and is illustrated by two unique illustrations by Bertram Prance.
Please note: it is important if you really want the book to pre-order it with the publishers. They will now only print enough copies to meet the expected demand. A recent book* went out of print in two months !


* [The White Riders by Monica Edwards; published October 2016, out of print December 2016]

21st June 2016:- Happy Midsummer's Day ! - and SALE soon ! by Gill Bilski:
. She writes:
There will be a new catalogue out in the next couple of weeks with a HUGE sale of new reissued books (GGB, Greyladies etc) as well as the usual second-hand children's & adult fiction, non-fiction, annuals & magazines.
The sale is for catalogue customers only so, if you would like to receive a copy, please let me know on gillbilski@gmail.com - saying if you would like like a hardcopy booklet (I will need your address) or email attachment.

The 'new reissued' books are ones bought in from the publishers and unsold - so are unread new books. I have no idea which books might be in the sale, or if there are any of Girls Gone By's Malcolm Saville titles reduced, but I thought you might be interested . . .

23rd May 2016: A lovely copy of Three Towers in Tuscany arrived in the post on Saturday - hot from the presses of Girls Gone By !
I've been able to decorate the site's front page with its cover - and added its details to the first Marston Baines book's page where its picture will expand to show the whole cover if clicked.
Full details of the book are on that page - it's another lovely product from a small publisher who has done do much to propagate the works of Malcolm Saville and indeed of other deserving authors.
None of us who met at Shrewsbury back in February 1994 had any idea that the entire Lone Pine series of books would be published, uncut, in the following years.

14th May 2016: Have started to rescan copies of the Armada paperbacks to improve their pictures on the site. I rescanned the Lone Pine series books when I was doing the publishing histories for Girls Gone By, but I did not always update their pictures on this site.
This I'm now doing - digging out my scans and starting to rescan the other non-Lone Pine Armadas, many of which still have the pictures I put on 14 years ago.
The new scans will show the full cover when the pictures are enlarged.
It's quite a slow process - scanning, assembling the front, back and spine sections, then refreshing the colours and 'touching up' scratches, label scars and chipped edges, so progress will be slow. I shan't announce each individual book 'done' but I've recently done the first Armada covers of The Ambermere Treasure, Strangers at Snowfell and The Secret of Galleybird Pit.
The comparison between the new pictures and some not yet improved can be seen on the Armada publishers page or on the artists' pages, notably those of Charles Stewart and Peter Archer.
21st March 2016: Added the announcement of Three Towers in Tuscany to the 'Welcome' page. Also, belatedly, corrected the postal adress of Girls Gone By to their publisher's page.
20th March 2016: Have, at last, added pictures and descriptions of the latest book from Girls Gone By - Home to Witchend , published in November last while I was in hospital for heart surgery. Hence the delay in updating the sites !
Hopefully in the next few weeks I shall be able to bring the site up to date, as the last four months have been chaotic to say the least . .

Sunday 1st November 2015: SALE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT See below: Gill Bilski's sale.

29th October 2015: Bargain books - Girls Gone By - out of print editions:
These are from Gill Bilski's catalogue - see : http://www.gillbilski.com/catalog.php
It reads:

27th October 2015
One day late, this week's half-price books are a selection of Malcolm Saville out of print paperback reissues and are £8.50 each + postage unless stated:
The Elusive Grasshopper
Lone Pine Five
Lone Pine London
The Man with 3 Fingers
The Neglected Mountain
Saucers over the Moor
The Secret of the Gorge
Wings over Witchend
Viv Turner - Malcolm Saville: a friendship remembered
(large format); an affectionate tribute by a friend for 30 years £10
Many full-price Savilles on my website as well, reissues, hardbacks & paperbacks - put Saville in the search box
If interested, please mail Gill at gillbilski.com
This is too good to not put on here ! (JA)
23rd October 2015: Have spent the morning adding the new scans to the Home to Witchend page, and the enlargements accessed by clicking on the thumbnail images of each edition.
If you have looked at the pages recently you may have to 'refresh' the pages to see the changes.
When the new GGBP edition arrives, next month, I shall add its details and its picture to the front 'Welcome' page.

22nd October 2015: Added the announcement from Girls Gone By of the imminent publication of the last Lone Pine book, Home to Witchend.
They intend to publish in November. The new edition has the yellow 'flash' removed from the cover image. The picture on the 'welcome' page is of the Armada original.
Unlike many previous books, the number printed will not be significantly greater than the pre-ordered copies; so if you know you want a copy, it would make sense to order it now.
(I'd forgotten that I haven't added my new scans of the covers and updated the HTW page yet ! Must do soon . . . )

29th September 2015: Looking for something else, the way you do, I just came across a CBC edition of Tinker's Castle by Winifred Mantle. I remember picking it up ages ago because the artwork on the dustwrapper looked like that on Sea Witch Comes Home.
Bottom right, just as on the Saville cover, are the initialsR.T, in this case the first initial is clearly an 'R'.
So I've corrected the description on the 'Witch' page, and added this artist's initials to the Artists index.
All I need to know now it who 'RT' is !
Oh - and I've stuck a direct link to open the Girls Gone By website - to the top of the Welcome page. Click the logo, quick and easy !

6th August 2015: Spent the day in tackling Sea Witch Comes Home; updating the pictures and giving the linked enlarged/extended images the new settings. I've added a couple of new images as well. It isn't finished yet - but it's on the way. Now I'm going to have a lie down !

19th July 2015: Have tidied up the Mystery Mine page as I'm beginning to think of next April's Whitby Gathering. I've just tweaked the display and extended the information slightly. I've also standardised the text style on the enlarged pictures of the covers. Fortunately I had updated the pictures when I did them for Girls Gone By; many other titles still have the 1990s pictures displaying ! Given time I may get them all done, maybe a couple of years !
Have also tidied up the page layout of that other Whitby book - The Buckinghams at Ravenswyke, but if you look you'll see the pictures are in need of updating, and text adding to the enlargements. I have at last added the Evans Centenary Edition to this page (only 7 years late !) but not yet to the other two books' pages. Those two, The Master of Maryknoll and The Long Passage, also need serious updating and new pictures to replace the originals !
[You may need to 'refresh' or 'reload' each page in order to see the changes.]

11th July 2015: Added a message from John Fisher that I'd overlooked adding to the Guestbook and had been sitting idly in my 'inbox' since I read it last month. Ooops again !

9th July 2015: Mystery at Witchend Second Impression has arrived from Girls Gone By ! I've changed the front page and added it to the MAW page. Its publication is to meet demand prompted by the play The Lone Pine Club which will tour the country this year - starting by the Long Mynd next weekend. It's put on by the Pentabus Theatre Company and can be seen at various National Trust properties this summer. More details from www.pentabus.co.uk.

6th May 2015: Have added an email from Ben Morris to the Guestbook: You're not alone, Ben !.
Also added announcement of the impending reprinting of Mystery at Witchend by Girls Gone By to the front page, and updated all the relevant pages, I think.
Now it's been announced on their site, please order it so that they can estimate printing numbers.

6th April 2015: I notice - looking at the Girls Gone By website, that Saucers over the Moor and The Secret of the Gorge have both gone 'out of print'. I have corrected the list on the publisher's page to reflect this. There are still seven of the Lone Pine books that can be bought from them. NEWS They will be issuing a new edition of Home to Witchend and reprinting Mystery at Witchend some time in the near future - NOTE: these cannot be ordered until a their publication is announced on their site !

15th January 2015: Following an email from Carlos Mangione in Argentina I've revised the text and the layout a little on the page for the publisher Molino, as my original text was somewhat misleading. Many thanks to Carlos, and please do drop me an email if any of you spot errors - there are loads - on the site and I'll get round to correcting them - sometime !! (Promises, Promises !)

9th November 2014: Have scanned and updated the Strangers at Witchend page to include pictures of the new edition - published recently by Girls Gone By.
Not just a reprint this - it includes a long out of print article by Saville, not otherwise available, and has extended and updated material including the original articles by Mary Cadogan, who sadly died this September.
I've also updated the Girls Gone By page - to show those still in print.

I have, at last, added the page on the lovely new Bibliography - so beautifully produced by Mike McGarry and Sally Walker - a major achievement this book. It has been published by The Malcolm Saville Society, funded by a donation, and will proved a delight to any reader of Saville's books. The page can be found via the Index.
You may have to 'refresh' the loading of the site if the pages don't appear.

16th June 2014: Received David Schutte's new catalogue the other day and have updated his page to show his new address and telephone number. I've also updated the bargain price that his remaining new lovely Lone Pine BBC Script books are offered at - have a look - you'll find him under 'Publishers'.

14th June 2014: I have discovered a problem on Internet Explorer - it's gone most peculiar on my system at least.
Your computer is probably set to save pages for a few days and reload the saved page from its memory rather than download afresh from the internet.
(You can change this - I altered it to save pages for 0 days - if I can remember how I did it I'll put a note in sometime.)
If it is set up like that and I've changed something on the site you will be a few days behind the change. To get round this you 'refresh' the screen by clicking a circular green or blue arrow somewhere at the top. This reloads the website from the internet.
Now - It used to go to the opening view, starting afresh at the Welcome page. Not Now ! On mine at least you get the right hand page displaying a second owl - a repeat of the left hand panel !
If you select one of the options above from the title bar it will appear in the right place, and you're back to normal - I hope

The trouble is probably that I programmed the website way back in 2001 and things were different then - If it drives you mad then I suggest you try Firefox or Google Chrome - The old-style programming format still works on them - and probably others as well.
I find these both 'cleaner' and 'slicker' than Explorer so I've not used IE for a year or so. So apologies if you've suffered meanwhile . .

Happy browsing !

(If this doesn't make much sense - blame the Chemo I'm on at the moment!)
P.S. I've upped the size of the type on this page - let me know if it's better/worse !
19th May 2014: Rye Royal the latest Lone Pine book to be republished by Girls Gone By Publishers has now arrived and if you haven't ordered your copy from them yet - do it. Another lovely job !

7th January 2014: A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and an APOLOGY
I'm afraid I have been inefficient of late in updating the site - this is because I had an unfortunate medical emergency at the end of September resulting in drama and hospital and then with the diagnosis of oesophageal cancer.
I am now in the middle of 9 weeks chemotherapy after which I shall probably have a nasty operation in the middle of March - a sort of surgical eviceration by all accounts.
So far I have been able to retain my sense of humour, if not my hair, but my mental facilities have suffered. At least I'm blaming the chemotherapy - it might just be age !
Anyway - there it is - it's not lack of interest - just great lack of vigour. I have, today added scans of the lovely new edition of Man With Three Fingers to the books's page.
Anyway - here's to the future:
Raise your glasses to 2014 and to all our healths ! - Cheers !, Sincerely, John.

4th December 2013: Added the announcement that Man with Three Fingers has been published by Girls Gone By and will now be in the hands of those who pre-ordered copies. Mine hasn't arrived yet - so its details are not yet added to the book's page.

18th September 2013: I've just had an email from Primrose Lockwood for the Guestbook - and realised, in horror, that I hadn't added one from her I received in June !! Needless to say I have sent a grovelling reply.
So I have now added both messages - although the first was not sent specifically for the Guestbook it contained material which I felt others would find interesting and might like to comment on.
In honour of her messages (a rare occurrence) I've started a new Guestbook - Volume 3 - and have changed the way that the messages are recorded - the latest is added at the top - so that visitors don't have to look to the bottom of the page to find a new entry.
Please have a look, and drop a message in reply - I'll add any I receive within a reasonable time (hopefully !)
9th August 2013: I have been doing some updating, and have gone through all the Lone Pine series, adding 'out of print' to the entries for those Girls Gone By titles where they are no longer available direct from the publishers. Many, however' remain available from book dealers - although not all at the original price. Similarly I have indicated more clearly on the page dedicated to Girls Gone By which ones are still in print. For up to the minute details it is best to check their website, though. There's a link from the 'Links' page and another from their page here - found via my 'Publishers' list above.

Now where did I put that email from Roy Notley ?

29th May 2013: Had a couple of emails from Roy Notley recently. The first provided me with a lovely scan of his first edition dustwrapper of Six of the Best, the collection from 1955 which contains the hard-to-find Saville short story Where the Bus Stopped.
I have added it to the short story's page, and as with some others - shown front, spine and back of the wrapper on the enlarged image. Many thanks to Roy.
As to his second email - I shall tell you of that another time . . . (retires into the background rubbing hands and chuckling to himself.)
5th May 2013: Updated the 'Welcome' page, and added details of the new edition from Girls Gone By of Treasure at Amorys, published last month. Another lovely book for the reader - and collector. Interestingly it also has three extracts from Saville's Come to London and Portrait of Rye.

The Treasure at Amorys page needs serious updating I'm afraid - like so many - the pictures are old - but it's an horrendous task to do all the books that need it ! - however I must start soon . . .

5th March 2013: Updated the front page to include the announcement of the imminent publication of the new Girls Gone By edition of Treasure at Amorys in April.

4th October 2012: I have added the new Girls Gone By Lone Pine paperback - Not Scarlet But Gold to the front page, and described it on the book's page.
I have taken the opportunity to update the scans and details on that page, as well as the Girl's Gone By page, the Armada page and the page on Peter Archer !
I have also updated the list of books in print on the Girls Gone By page. Only seven of the books are still available direct from them. There's a list of dealers who can provide on their site though.

30th July 2012: Added link to the excellent Saville Facebook Page - on the front page, left hand side when you arrive - just above the owl - and also on the 'Links' page (above).

25th July 2012: Excellent piece on Saville - interview with Mark O'Hanlon and Rosemary, one of the author's daughters - at the house they stayed in when evacuated . Well done B.B.C!
Watch it again - or for the first time - with the link below - until next Sunday.

16th July 2012: Computer failure a few weeks back - it's being rebuilt as I write - so this is a quick message by pigeon, string and sealing wax . .
Watch Countryfile on Sunday 22nd July - 7:15pm - there's Saville stuff !! (BBC1 TV)
See: click here (thanks for passing it on Steven)

* * Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible * *

30th May 2012: As you will have seen from the 'Welcome' page, Girls Gone By have released their new edition of Sea Witch Comes Home. A lovely new edition with the Merlin illustrations by Michael Whittlesea collected at the back, and a fascinating insight to the locations from Patrick Tubby.
Please note the price rise for these editions - from May they have increased to £13 (including postage within UK) - an unavoidable change with the escalating costs of postage.
I have updated the GGBP page on the 'Publishers' section to include the information, and it also indicates which of the Saville titles are still available from the publishers direct - ie 'in print'. As with all the site - the information is as correct as I can make it at the time of updating the page. - always check the date at the bottom of each page to see when it was last updated !

29th November 2011: An email query from Nigel Wain has prompted me to correct the description of the first edition of Treasure at Amorys.
My copy is a variant - with a boring plain front board. I'm glad, at least, that Newnes did, after all, continue to used the tree logo on this book.

4th November 2011: Mystery Mine has arrived from Girls Gone By - apologies for my being unable to write the Publishing History in this one - but my old friend Mike McGarry has filled the role with dash - I'm envious of his style - and has added a picture from his collection of an edition I don't have !
I had intended to write a Locations article as it's my home territory - but unfortunately illness prevented that - so thanks go to ViV Turner for providing an Introduction at short notice.
Girls Gone By still keep the price of the book at £12 from them, including postage, if paying by cheque and within UK - slightly more for others - I've been expecting prices to rise, what with postage increasing steadily - and these books aren't the slim paperback editions of Armada or Merlin, with the extra material they weigh as much or more than the hardbacks !
So I've added a description and scans to the Mystery Mine page and put the announcement on the Welcome page. I've also refreshed the pictures of some of the other editions of the book as they haven't been updated for some years !
Happy Reading.

16th July 2011: Moved the site to a new server - not that there was a problem with the old one - I just wanted to create a new site - hopefully all will go well. Fingers very crossed. It's been as nerve-racking as moving house !

22nd June: Corrected my mistake over the date of the Auction on the front page - it starts this Friday - 24th June - and the items will go on at 9pm - and will stay for some time. There are no reserves on any items. Happy Bidding and apologies for the error - all mine - must be my age - or the booze !

21st June 2011: My copy of The Secret of the Gorge arrived today from Girls Gone By. It's gorgeous - and loads of interesting extras as usual. The Introduction by Nicholas Wood is different to the article he put into the latest Acksherley - a fascinating read.
All the reproduced pictures by Michael Whittlesea, originally done for the Merlin paperback edition, are added at the back - all full-page. And there's more lovely stuff - 304 pages in all !
I've added pictures and detail to the book's page. It was well worth the wait !

10th June 2011: The overdue next edition of The Wise Owl has been posted out and saved on the site as a 'pdf' file for downloading.

The new edition of The Secret of the Gorge has been published by Girls Gone By. I shall add details to the book's page when I get my copy.

I have updated the page on Robert Smart's book of Church Stretton and South Shropshire Walks to give details of how to get a copy - Walk 6 is the one done with Clare Balding in the radio programme broadcast this month (more details in Wise Owl 6).

30th March 2011: Out of hibernation and off to Rye later for the Gathering this week-end.
Here's a link to Mark's site with news of a Special Offer - A Unique book by Malcolm Saville - one of the rarest copies ever ! Soon to be sold on Ebay. For full information see www.malcolmsaville.com .

26th Sept 2010: Added poster to front page for the meeting in Church Stretton next Sunday - see you there !

31 July 2010: Deep in the Publishing History for the forthcoming Lone Pine London from Girls Gone By (can be ordered now as it's on their list) and I find I'm wandering around the site correcting stuff.
Can it be that I'm putting off the task ? Probably.

Amongst other trivial corrections I have altered the listing of ViV Turner's book Malcolm Saville - A Friendship Remembered in the index so that the link to the book's page now actually works.
By the way - if you want to order this book - please pre-order it as GGBP are trying to estimate the print run required. There's a danger that too few might be printed !
Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . , it occurred to me that it might be a help to have a separate list of books about Saville and his works as well as having them individually listed in the Index.
I shan't do that yet - or LPL won't have a Pub Hist - this is really as some sort of promise to you/reminder to me. Rats! Does this mean I'm twittering ? Anyway - if you think it might be helpful - let me know, you might influence its arrival !

4th July 2010: Issue 5 of The Wise Owl published today. It will take longer than most to download as it has several illustrations. Happy reading !

2nd July 2010: An exciting new book from Girls Gone By is due out soon - Malcolm Saville - A Friendship Remembered. Click on the title to take you to the book's page on this site - and follow this link to get to the publishers' information and place an advanced order. Order Now !!

29th March 2010: A further apology - I couldn't find a record on the site of the article Mark O'Hanlon wrote for the Evergreen Magazine way back in 2001. The reason - I hadn't completed work on that page either ! So - apologies to Mark - and to all who have been deprived of the chance to read the article - although there may be back numbers available from the publisher . . . maybe. Sorry Mark.
I've added it - lnked above and via the Index.

27th March 2010: Two pieces of News:

Wings Over Witchend has arrived - just out from Girls Gone By - and it's lovely !

And . . . The April issue of Dalesman magazine has an article by Geoff Simpson, illustrated with superb photographs by Jane Noble about the visit last year in June to the upper reaches of Swaledale and the setting for The Secret of Buzzard Scar.
It's just in the shops - rush out and buy it now !

And an apology - to Barry Carter:
Having read the above article I realised I hadn't completed adding the Saville article you wrote in the Summer edition of Dartmoor Magazine almost 2 years ago ! Many apologies - and I've now completed it, and it can be found via the link - and, like all these things, via the Index.

16th February 2010: I have been updating some old pictures, refreshing the scans of dustwrappers with newer copies, and setting the enlarged versions in a better 'frame'. Amongst others, having bought a copy of the French edition, I have tidied up the scans of Two Fair Plaits.
At last I have published the fourth 'edition' of The Wise Owl. The latest issue is already in the post to subscribers, and it can be downloaded free from The Wise Owl page. I hope you find it enjoyable.

8th February 2010: Thanks once more to Steven Handy I have been able to add details and scans of the dustwrapper/covers of two more of the Spanish editions of the Lone Pine books published by Molino in the late 1960s. These are for The Secret of the Gorge and Not Scarlet but Gold and can be found on those pages.

5th December 2009: Have added details of the two new books from David Schutte to their respective pages; these are the BBC Radio scripts for the serials of Seven White Gates and The Gay Dolphin Adventure.
I've also added a picture of one of Mike McGarry's latest discoveries to the Amateur Acting and Producing for Beginners page.
In addition I've added some pictures to the Collins Budget Editions page on the Publishers list.

18th November 2009: Following a tip-off from David Schutte I have discovered that the 'front door' links at the bottom of virtually all the text pages of this site are incorrectly loaded with the wrong site address - sending the user to the old site with btinternet. I shall spend the next load of months correcting these. When the mouse hovers over the link it should display http://www.malcolmsaville.co.uk/.

15th November 2009: Great Publication news - see the front page !
I have received my copy of Saucers over the Moor from Girls Gone By and David Schutte's latest catalogue arrived yesterday announcing his publication of the two remainng discovered radio scripts. I've added detail to Saucers page and the site's front page shows all GGB's Lone Pine books so far and pictures of the covers of the radio script hardbacks now available from David. Val Biro's paintings for all three script books are available as limited edition (only 30 copies) prints according to the catalogue.

18 July 2009: Roy Notley has emailed me with this interesting link for an opportunity to get into the tunnel under Hatch Holt reservoir on the Long Mynd one week-end this September. There are photographs of the tunnel for those of a nervous disposition ! The link should open up the relevant page:

17 July 2009: Issue 3 of The Wise Owl newsletter thing is now available - in the post to the postal subscribers and downloadable (is that a word?) from the panel beside the Welcome page or from the Wise Owl page - found by way of the Index. Happy Reading ! John.

31st May 2009: Following Roy Notley's email - which I immediately snatched to add to the Guestbook - (because no-one writes these days !) - I have added some more information on the American edition of The Ambermere Treasure, somewhat late, as I've had a copy some considerable time. I've also added the television reference which I thought was already on; so thanks Roy.
30th April 2009: As foreshadowed in the Wise Owl - The Neglected Mountain - the new paperback edition by Girls Gone By arrived on my doorstep today.
It's another lovely production from this publishers who are doing Saville proud. I have added scans and some detail of the 'extras' to the book's page.

15th April 2009: Spring already and I have crawled out of hibernation to release the next issue of the The Wise Owl. It coincides with the Annual Gathering of the Malcolm saville Society in Somerset. I shall send out the postal copies of the issue tomorrow - as I head south to foregather with other Saville enthusiasts.
The pdf file can be downloaded from the left panel - if still displaying the link or from the link in the previous note.

16 December 2008 The first flight of the The Wise Owl, a Newsletter sort of thing for the Malcolm Saville enthusiast. Free to download, or for the price of a first-class stamp by post ! for further essential information click here.

20th November 2008: Just arrived is the Girls Gone By new paperback edition of The Elusive Grasshopper and a lovely paperback edition it is.
I've stuck a scan on the front page with more detail and the full picture available from the book's page. A lovely Christmas present for the MS fan.

12th August 2008: I've moved home and so has the site. It can now only be accessed via www.malcolmsaville.co.uk. I have had to move all 1400+ files across to another server. It is possible some got missed - so please email me if you spot anything missing.
And next I should start updating the site . . .

22nd May 2008:The astute observer will notice that the front page announces the publication of two new specials. A DVD of the two films written by Saville: Trouble at Townsend and Treasure at the Mill. It is available now and plays on all DVD players. More information is available on the DVD page.
Lone Pine Five has just been republished by Girls Gone By in a new paperback edition - for more information on this delightful book - see the title's page.

24th March 2008: I have at last added more detail to the Pablo Ramirez page. For those who don't know he was a superb graphic artist in Spain and while working for the publishers Molino he illustrated the first Malcolm Saville titles they printed in the early 1960s.
His page can be found via the Artists link above, and all his Saville dustwrappers are illustrated. Don't forget to enlarge them !

23rd March 2008: Doing a little updating today - minor adjustments to the index etc - and have added a little detail to the Links page - and to Mark O'Hanlon's page in the Publishers section including his email address and mention of a special offer !

20th March 2008: Have added comment to the BBC Children's Hour page having confirmed a mystery in a local Charity shop today !

2nd March 2008: Have added scans of Gordon King's dustwrappers for the Goodchild editions of The Gay Dolphin Adventure, Lone Pine Five and The Elusive Grasshopper to each book's page.

9th February 2008:Two news items: Girls Gone By have announced their next title - Lone Pine Five. and David Schutte has announced a new venture in publishing the Radio Scripts of Saville's series on BBC Children's Hour. More detail can be found on the 'Welcome' page and on the 'Links' page.

4th November 2007: Girls Gone By will publish The Secret of Grey Walls later this month - again full text, all the Bertram Prance illustrations - not just the ones in the First Edition and extra articles about Saville, the book and its publishing history as well as the full story. My mouth's watering already !
The Guestbook has had no entries for over a year - since I asked for emails rather than direct entry - but a fascinating one arrived this morning - so I have opened up a New Guestbook - Volume 2. It's a long message from Adrian Barritt and to my mind at least - fascinating reading. What do you think ?

12th Sept 2007: A month today a load of MS fans are off to Cornwall to explore St Michael's Mount and the area in which Malcolm set The Flying Fish Adventure.
I'm not going that far - but I'm off down to Rye; I haven't been there since the first Official Saville gathering back in 1995. The reason I'm going is to join a few Monica Edwards enthusiasts at Rye Harbour. Join us if you like ! - see the front page of my Monica Edwards site via the Links page above.

16th July 2007: Girls Gone By have announced that the new edition of The Secret of Grey Walls will be published this October - so the news has been added to the front page.

9th June 2007: Thanks to Mike McGarry I have a description and illustration of another of the Portuguese editions of the Susan and Bill books.
This one is of Susan and Bill and the Dark Stranger. I have added the information to the book's page and its illustration has also been added to the publishers' (Inquerito) page.

6th May 2007: The Gay Dolphin Adventure has just been published by Girls Gone By, my copy arrived last week, so I've adjusted the front page and will add detail as I get time - maybe tomorrow. It's another book to be proud of, either as publisher or collector.

18th March 2007: I have updated the front page - mentioning some new material. I have not yet added detail on the relevant books' pages for various reasons, but hope to do so soon.

3rd December 2006 . . later: Not to be out-done by Steven's contributions, Mike has sent me a scan of a Swedish edition of Susan, Bill and the Wolf Dog from the mid 1950s, which reminded me of some paperback Portuguese editions he'd found a while ago.
There is a picture of one of them on the Susan, Bill and the Bright Star Circus page as well as on the publisher's (Inquerito) page. Keep them coming you two . . . and anyone else with oddities to scan !

3rd December 2006: A scan and details of the Spanish edition of Lone Pine London arrived this week from Steven, so I've been able to add details of this 'missing' edition.

19th November 2006: Steven has sent me illustrations of three Spanish editions of Lone Pine Books he's obtained recently, and I'm delighted to add these and details to the books' pages and to the publishers'(Molino) page. These are Sea Witch Comes Home, Rye Royal and Strangers at Witchend.

30th September 2006: The new copy of Seven White Gates arrived today, from Girls Gone By Publishers. I'm pleased to say that it's delightful. They have done the book proud. For more details see the book's page; I've added scans and some idea of the 'extras' you get with this edition.

17th September 2006: Have completed some notes on the Dutch paperback editions in the Prisma-Juniores series published by Het Spectrum. They can be found in the Publishers section which is via the Index, or opens on the left with the link.
I intend to add to these from time to time, to time . . .

4th September 2006: Steven has again come up trumps ! One Dutch edition of The Gay Dolphin Adventure published by Disney and a new Spanish edition, this time of Treasure at Amorys. For more details and scans of the books, see the relevant pages.

9th August 2006: A new Spanish edition has come Steven's way. One which we didn't know for certain had been published. It is Mystery Mine and he's kindly provided me with a description and scan of the cover which is now to be seen on the book's page as well as Molino's page in the Publishers list.

16th July: Chaos this week-end with the computer keyboard and mouse taking on a life of their own and the computer refusing to reinstate earlier systems. Hours lost yesterday trying to fix it. Hours lost this morning copying files to DVDs for back-ups. Fuming. It nearly went through the window. Now it's working fine . Haarrrruumphh !!
However, I managed to get the Spanish editions up to date, both on their individual pages and in the Molino page of the Publishers section (look in Index to find this !). Some of the expanded pictures need better annotation, as hundreds of the earlier ones do, but at least the book pictures for these editions are now up to date, thanks to Steven and Mike - searchers extraordinary ! Next will be the Susan and Bill ones to tackle . . .
13th July 2006: Stephen Handy has emailed me a description, and a picture of the cover, of the Spanish edition of The Elusive Grasshopper. I have added these to the book's page, but not yet to the publisher's page, nor to the artist's. Thanks again, Steven, and for Saucers and Lone Pine Five to add soon.
3rd June 2006: I've added a morsel of information to the Mystery at Witchend page. It helps identify the correct editions belonging to the 'Fourth Edition' dustwrappers which Newnes put on several impressions and might well have caused confusion amongst collectors. The information came to me from Jan Knight, so thanks Jan !

2nd May 2006: I have changed the Guestbook, to avoid all the unwanted spam messages. Simply email your message and I'll add it myself.
This is not as easy as the old method, but these advertising messages were getting me down. Please do leave messages. Obviously there will occasionally be delays, but at least we'll not be subject to the same offensive rubbish !. Thanks.

17th April 2006: I returned from the Society's Annual Gathering at Whitby with a sore throat and an armful of books.
Two of these I've used to update the information on All Summer Through. Nothing dramatic, but I've been hunting for these editions for some time.

14th March 2006 At last I've added information about the lovely new thick, even 'chunky' edition of Mystery at Witchend by Girls Gone By, well worth the tenner !
I've also added a little about the paperback Eat What You Grow which I've just acquired.
29 January 2006: Back in December 2003 I created a list of Publishers of Malcolm Saville's work along with the titles they'd published. I've added illustrations to some pages, but not all as yet, nor have I extended the individual entries as I'd originally intended.
Time's flown and if I keep waiting until the displays are complete I'll never 'publish' so I've added the 'Publishers' link into the Index.
This link opens the list of publishers in the left hand window with a summary of works published. Main publishers have a linked display which when selected opens up in the right-hand window.
I shall add to and, where informed of errors, correct the displays as time goes on. Please let me know of errors and omissions !

22 January 2006: Have corrected the link to the Girls Gone By Website and also the one to Richard Griffiths site. The former have changed their site address, the latter was a typing error on my part (apologies, Richard, and to those confused followers !).

15th January 2006: Please note that Girls Gone By have announced their third Saville publication. Thay have gone back to the beginning and are publishing the first Lone Pine Mystery at Witchend.
The exact date is not yet announced, but it will be available by the end of April and can be ordered now. See their website via 'Links' for further information and ordering.
I have recently obtained a paperback copy of Word for All Seasons and so I have refreshed the illustrations for that book page. Happy New Year to all !

3rd December: Doing some 'behind the scenes' tidying up and preparation and discovered that I hadn't uploaded an update on the Bertram Prance page I'd added some bits to in August. Senility is creeping on.
If it crashes the program, I might have had a reason for the delay !
20th November 2005: Adjusted the front page to bring up to date the reprint situation by Girls Gone By publishers. I have slightly updated Strangers at Witchend's page, but not added great detail as I haven't seen the book itself.

29th August 2005: It seems to be a 'slow news' year. I have been building up some information, mainly relating to illustrators, but it isn't ready for adding yet. On saturday I bought a lovely first edition of Strangers at Snowfell; I had a good second impression, but this first has a lovely bright dustwrapper so I couldn't resist it.
Its dustwrapper now graces the book's page, and I was able to confirm thet the two editions are virtually identical.

12th May: I feel nearly swamped by new books ! My copy of the new paperback of Where's My Girl arrived a few days ago and I've added cover illustrations to that page.
On the 23rd of the month Mark publishes his new edition of The Complete Lone Pine.
It is a beautiful hardback, and even for those with the original paperback an excellent buy as it has new sections on the various editions of the books, with dustwrapper illustrations and the whole book has been revised and subtly altered. I'm sure you'll all be delighted. I have added cover illustration to the book's page.

7th May 2005: info added to Strangers at Witchend page and the front page about the new paperback edition to be published soon by Girls Gone By publishers.

6th May 2005: Added information about the two New Malcolm Saville Books now out to their book pages. They're both lovely, but order soon before they run out !

13th March 2005: Thanks to Mike I have been able to add some information about a couple of foreign editions. The first is the French edition of Two Fair Plaits, and the second a Spanish edition of All Summer Through.
I wasn't aware that either of these existed until now ! More to hunt for . . .

11 Feb: Sorry ! I've corrected the link to Girls Gone By publishers on the 'Links' page. Hadn't tested it. OOops.

28th Feb 2005: The great news that Girls Gone By have the rights to republish Malcolm Saville's books broke at a time that I was off-line. I have put, on the Links page, contact information to the publishers so that you can order Where's My Girl and for the latest information on their publication plans.
I have added a page about Girls Gone By to my website on Monica Edwards for those who wish to know about this important small publishing firm.
Richard Griffiths is republishing Home to Witchend in a traditional Newnes-style hardback form, and I have added information to the book page, with a link to his site for more information.
Mark O'Hanlon is publishing a new, extended, hardback edition of his book The Complete Lone Pine. Information about this is on the book's page, with contact/order info on the Links page.

19th February: Ages back Robert Smart pointed out that Newnes had put misleading titles on two of his photographs in the Lone Pine Shropshire booklet. I have, at last, put in notes to correct their errors.

16th January 2005: No telephone yet, and it might be weeks . . . so this won't get 'live' until I get access to a 'phone line to upload the information.
I have had three scans from Mark (O'Hanlon) which I've duly added to the site, of the second 'pink' dustwrapper of Words For All Seasons , the Spanish edition of The Neglected Mountain and the Finnish edition of Mystery at Witchend.
I've taken the opportunity to add the artists: Badia Camps and Pablo Ramirez of the Spanish wrappers to the Artists list with illustrations of 'their' covers.

1st January 2005: I am still without telephone and hence internet connection for at least another week, however Happy New Year to you all !
I've been whiling away the day by adding some scans to the site, sent by Mike McGarry some time ago, but I've just discovered how to access them . They are of odd editions of the following books:
All Summer Through
Lone Pine Five
The Secret of Grey Walls
Three Towers in Tuscany.

10th October 2004: Apologies for the interruptions this year, life's been complicated, but I've added a few things to the site now.
Thanks to a tip-off from Mike McGarry we have a new serialisation of Two Fair Plaits in the Mickey Mouse weekly comic, this time as a picture strip !
I have also been able to complete the sets of the other two serials ('Lone Pine Five' and 'Seven White Gates') so have added the dates to those entries and discovered an article Saville wrote called A Little Girl Becomes Our Queen for the Coronation issue in 1953.

30 June 2004: I've added notes on a new article to the Malcolm Saville list: Warriors of the Sea, and expanded the notes a little on Malcolm's mentor and friend Theo A Stephens.

25 April 2004: Thanks to a message from Adrian Watcham I've been able to readdress the link to the Goodchild Website on the Links page.

31st December 2003: Finally, for this year at least, another rarity. Mike has sent me this scan of one of the least common of Saville's editions, the paperback of his delightful final anthology Words for All Seasons. I am delighted to add its picture to the site. Thanks again to you all, and here's hoping that 2004 is a Good Year. Cheers, John

30th December 2003: I have added a little more detail about the publication of Where the Bus Stopped to its page, but the year ends with the discovery of two new editions !
Both Mystery at Witchend and Seven White Gates were issued as paperbacks in Holland by another publisher. Mike found a copy of the latter and sent me details, then Steven found copies of both, although he was expecting the Het Spectrum editions we already knew about. His scans arrived today !
Again I must thank these two, without whose help a heck of a lot of information and illustrations would be missing from the site. To them and to you, a really Happy New Year.

29 November 2003: Steven has sent me information and illustrations from his copy of the Mike and Mary short story Where the Bus Stopped which, until now I've never seen. He has also pointed out an oddity in the illustrations that are in the edition he owns. Thanks to him I've been able to add a picture of the cover, and more full information to the page.

Also, if you look above, you will see that I have placed a link to this page from the title list under the name Extra!.

26th October 2003: Here comes Winter ! Mike McGarry has marked the season change by sending me some notes on the Spanish edition of Wings Over Witchend. These Spanish editions have some lovely covers, and if the wrapper is missing, it doesn't matter all that much as the design's the same on the book boards ! Some of them also have new illustrations, where the original, English, version was not illustrated.

5th October 2003: I have changed the 'front page' illustration to something more suitable for the time of year, and added very slightly to the notes on the artist (Robert Mickelwright). Steven has sent me a Goodchild edition of Mystery at Witchend, so I've been able to show the full spread of its dustwrapper and add some bibliographical detail to that edition. Other than that I've been really lazy !

25th August 2003: I have managed to obtain a Spanish edition of Man With Three Fingers, and have added the details of this attractive book.
I have also added some detail to the editions of both Mystery at Witchend and Seven White Gates thanks to Glynne, and I've started to 'tidy up' some of the displays of enlarged pictures. This will take an awful long time to complete !

17th August 2003: I have added some notes on the Lone Pine Club as I remember it more than forty years ago, with some ephemeral illustrations. These include a little booklet of photographs by Robert Smart whose guide to walks in the Lone Pine country is an essential companion in the area.
7th August 2003: Having obtained a second edition of Power of Three with dustwrapper, I have been able to expand the notes on that title.
I forgot about this: Glynne also clarified a mystery to me regarding the second impression cover of Two Fair Plaits. I corrected myself on the 3rd, but forgot to send the file 'up'. Thanks again Glynne.

3rd August 2003: Prompted by a timely reminder from Glynne Steele I have added some notes and illustration to the Jillies page in the Series section and to the entry for Lunt Roberts in the Artists section.
20 July 2003: I have been 'off-line' a lot recently following a (computer) viral infection.
I'm back now, but have lost all my emails ! If you have sent me some information to add to the site, please might I beg that you resend it; if it isn't already on display. If in doubt check first by email.

Sorry about the gap; though in all honesty nothing much has happened in the weeks I've been adrift. The only notable event was the arrival of the latest Society magazine which mentions, tantalisingly, the discovery that two of Saville's books were serialised in the Children's Newspaper back in the 1950s.
These were The Secret of Buzzard Scar and The Secret of the Gorge. I have added what information was given about these to the relevant pages. If any of you lucky souls out there have copies I'd love to see the illustrations, and to have further information about them !

5th May 2003: Added a couple of colour scans of the illustrations from two editions of Best Children's Stories of the Year vols II and III.
They illustrate the extracts Rain for St Swithin's and The Unwelcome Stranger.
Both of these are from photocopies sent by Steven Handy, thanks again Steven !
22 Mar 2003: I have managed to get a copy of Susan, Bill and the Pirates Bold for my own collection. It has a more complete dustwrapper than the one I had on display, so I have substituted the scan.
1 Feb 2003: Twenty-two book entries have had at least one cover illustration added thanks to Mike and Steven. Many of these are the Collins editions of the Lone Pine series, some unique, some later used on Armada covers; but some are ones I have been hunting for for a long time.
Like the Lion edition of King of Kings, the first edition of The Thin Man, the Budget edition of The Secret of Grey Walls, various Children's Book Club editions with unique wrappers, and the first editions of Young Johnnie Bimbo and Susan, Bill and the Pirates Bold.
Have a browse through and see what you can find.
20 Jan 2003: I have now registered the name www.malcolmsaville.co.uk for this site.
The site hasn't moved, so it will still be found at the old address, but it would be better to find it under the new address and then bookmark it, just in case I do move it ever !

18 Jan 2003: I have changed the label Publications to Titles, not in the interests or accuracy, but to provide space on the top for the Index. This should help you find pages you once saw but can't remember how to get there.
I've also put some pieces in relating to D J Desmond and also to MS's time as editor of Sunny Stories.
I haven't implanted links in this note in order to get you to use the index !

5 Jan 2003: To start the New Year I'm delighted to add a new edition. Mike McGarry has sent me information of a new foreign edition of the Marston Baines book White Fire, details of which I've added to the site.
28 Dec 2002: Received as a New Year/Christmas present a Collins Budget edition of Lone Pine Five, an edition I haven't owned before. Delighted to be able to add its picture to the site. Thanks S.
13 Dec 2002: I have expanded the article on the artist Michael Whittlesea, including examples of his work and links to some galleries exhibiting and selling his paintings.

12 Dec 2002: Two further scans added, this time of the first edition wrapper of the Marston Baines title Dark Danger, and secondly of the surprising scan from Steven, of a Chivers edition of Christmas at Nettleford. This is an edition I had never heard of, and is not listed in Guy's bibliography.

30 Nov 2002: Added some more scans of first edition dustwrappers from Steven Handy: these are Strangers at Witchend, Strange Story and Spring Comes to Nettleford. There is also a White Lion wrapper of Strangers at Snowfell.
Thanks to Rodney Delanty who sent me some lovely pictures of his dustwrapper of Strangers at Witchend recently. Many thanks. I have used scans from the photocopies Steven's had sent as they have produced clearer copies; but thanks again Rodney.
I have expanded the entry on the article My Gardener Smithson including one of the illustrations, and as I now have my own copy of the Dutch edition of Treasure at the Mill I have substituted a scan of that cover for the one kindly supplied by Mick McGary.
And there's still a surprise to come from Steven !
27 Nov 2002: Have completed the Netscape modifications at long last, and have added information to the page on T R Freeman, and the book The Long Passage.
Steven Handy has continued to supply me with photocopies of his rarer editions and thanks to him I have added illustrations to the pages on Jane's Country Year, The Neglected Mountain and Words For All Seasons. More will follow including one surprise !

21 Oct 2002: loaded Netscape Navigator onto my computor and realised that the site's fonts were not being presented as I intended. I am now working through the hundreds of pages on this and the other site to correct the display. Apologies to those who use Netscape for this oversight.

24 Sep 2002: added illustrations of covers/dustwrappers to some eleven books, including some fascinating foreign editions, from Australia, France, Spain and Holland, obtained from Mike McGary. And he promises me more . . .

23 Sep 2002: added illustrations of a better first edition wrapper of Redshank's Warning than mine, and a beautiful first edition wrapper of Man With Three Fingers. (I bought the book new, but threw away the wrapper and haven't been able to replace it !) Both of these were from Richard Griffiths for which service, many thanks.

20 Sep 2002: added some information and illustrations kindly sent to me by Steven Handy. These include White Lion edition wrappers of three of the Jillies series and five of the Susan and Bill series, as well as a first edition wrapper of Portrait of Rye which he bought new !
To complete the delights, he added covers of all three of the Wonder Why Books none of which had I seen before.
Very many thanks Steven.

I have also received some illustrations from Mike McGarry which (hopefully !) I shall soon have time to process and add to the site. Thanks Mike.

4 Sep 2002: added this page to the site. Also scanned and added the colour illustrations received from Anne Ayres, of the first edition wrappers of Two Fair Plaits and The Sign of the Alpine Rose. Moved the illustration of the frontispiece of the latter to the page on Wynne.

3 Sep 2002: added illustration of the dustwrapper of Spy in the Hills, to the page on Mystery at Witchend. The photograph is of the author's own copy and was taken by Mark O'Hanlon and is hereby reproduced with his kind permission.

2 Sep 2002: added an abbreviations page to appear in the left hand frame when the suitable shortened word Abbrev. is selected above. I may soon have to shorten some of these other key words or run out of space.

31 Aug 2002: Started to add some information about Artists, starting with John Kenney and Tilden Reeves. Others will follow . . .

30 Aug 2002: Received, on loan, a Children's Book Club edition of The Secret of the Gorge from Jen and Gordon French of Bygone Books.
These two have been friends of mine for years. I bought my first 'collecting' copy of The Secret of Grey Walls, 2nd imp with d/w, from Gordon at a bookfair in Bury for 3.50. And a first edition of Sea Witch Comes Home with excellent dustwrapper for 10. I was hooked. [Note re prices: this was in 1993 !].
I have scanned the dustwrapper and added notes to the book's page. I shall try to return the book to them and not buy it !

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