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Evergreen Magazine
Winter 2001 issue
Winter 2001 edition:
This issue of the magazine has an article written by Mark O'Hanlon about Malcolm Saville in the Magazine's 'Literary Pilgrim' series.
The article, on pages 10 to 14 of the magazine, is a fascination introduction to the author and his work.

Mark, who had recently written Saville's biography, deals with the author's life, family and interests as well as linking his more famous books to the area he loved, around the Long Mynd in Shropshire.

He examines the writer's process in creating his works, and gives an account of his poularity at its peak and lasting to the present day in the consciousness of his readers.

The article is illustrated with photographs of the author and his country as well as of the Lone Pine Club collectibles which were produced in its hey-day.

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