First Published 1965 by Heinemann

First edition wrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=28KB)
First edition dustwrapper
courtesy of Steven Handy
The third book of the Marston Baines series.

The team tackle Black Magic and blackmail in Venice and Rome.
Francesca Brindisi, educated in Britain, but living in Venice, plays a lead role as the story unfolds.

First edition: Hardback, boards grey, block gilt; 196pp; no maps or illustrations; dustwrapper illustration not credited, but clearly signed by Michael Whittlesea; cp 15s.

[For information on this edition, thanks to Steven Handy]

For some reason the wrapper illustration of the first edition was dropped for the reprint.

1976: with new, plain, cover.

second edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
second impression dustwrapper
courtesy of Mike McGarry

Other Editions:

CBC edition wrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=33KB)
CBC edition dustwrapper
Children's Book Club 1966.
Green boards, black lettering, title and author on spine only; 196pp; at rear there are press comments on the first two Marston Baines thrillers.
The dustwrapper is a stylised scene of Venice at night with no characters portrayed; artist not credited.

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