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Summer 2008 edition:
This issue of the quarterly magazine has an article on Malcolm Saville's Dartmoor written by Barry Carter and illustrated with photographs by Elisabeth Stanbrook.
The first page of Barry Carter's three page article.
The article refers to the exploration of the Moor during the visit by the Malcolm Saville Society for their Annual Gathering in 2005. It gives a brief resume of Saville's career and relates the landscape and locations to their appearance in the author's books, Saucers Over The Moor and Where's My Girl.

The stories of the two books are summarised and detail given of their settings in the moor.

The article is illustrated by landscape photographs, all taken expertly by Elisabeth Stanbrook (I believe a magazine staff member) and these show the originals of Wistman's Wood (shown opposite), Swincombe valley, Princetown and the original of King's Holt.

The article finishes with links for further information and, with the exception of the incorrect address for this website, it is a useful addition to any Saville collection.

Back copies of the magazine - or just the article - may be obtained via the publisher's website.

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