Collins took over the publication of the Lone Pine Books towards the end of the 1960s.
They produced several new books, first editions of three Lone Pine stories and one Buckinghams, as well as reprinting in new editions some of the earlier ones of these two series.
These were all hardback books with dustwrappers, some with maps but none illustrated.
They also produced a series of cheaper reprints with pictorial covers listed elsewhere as the Collins Budget Editions.
I think that the text of the earlier stories has been abridged for these reprints.

Lone Pine Reprints:
Mystery at Witchend 1969
Seven White Gates 1969
The Gay Dolphin Adventure 1969
Elusive Grasshopper 1970
Saucers over the Moor 1972 reprinted 1976
Lone Pine London 1970
Not Scarlet But Gold 1972
Treasure at Amorys 1969
Man With Three Fingers 1969
First Editions:
Rye Royal 1969 reprinted 1970
Strangers at Witchend 1971 reprinted 1971
Where's My Girl? 1972 reprinted 1976

The Buckinghams: Reprints:
The Master of Maryknoll 1971 reprinted 1973
The Buckinghams at Ravenswyke 1971 reprinted 1973
The Secret of the Villa Rosa 1971 reprinted 1973
First Edition:
Diamond in the Sky 1974

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