Collins Budget Editions

Collins brought out these cheaper, pocket-sized reprints of these twelve Lone Pine books in 1971 and 1972.
They were printed on cheap paper and none have illustrations.
Their cover pictures, none credited but probably by the artist Peter Archer, were in some cases the same or very similar design to that on the other Collins dustwrappers, whereas some have totally new artwork.

Mystery at Witchend, Seven White Gates, Treasure at Amorys and Man With Three Fingers were published in 1971. These all have the title error of Saucers Over the Moon in the list of other books on the rear of the cover.
Five of the others, namely The Secret of Grey Walls, Lone Pine Five, The Secret of the Gorge, Mystery Mine and Sea Witch Comes Home were not published in hardback by Collins except in this edition and so carry the statement 'First published in this (revised) edition 1972'.

Some of these cover illustrations were used on the dustwrappers of Collins editions, some on Armada paperback printings. However the cover artwork for The Secret of Grey Walls, Lone Pine Five and Mystery Mine are unique to these editions.

The above picture shows the spine artwork - to see the front of the book - click on the book's spine. (Use the 'back' button to return to this page)

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