The Children's Book Club

When the new books were published at 8s 6d to ten shillings and more, they were available to readers at as little as three and six by joining the Book Club!
Of course, you might end up with books you didn't want, that's the problem with book clubs. However, as some of these books were not read when bought, they have survived to today in beautiful condition. They are cheaper than First Editions, but have the full text and illustrations. The only difference is binding and dustwrapper: most having a different dustwrapper to the original, in fact I can only think of the CBC edition of The Secret of Buzzard Scar where the dustwrapper art is the same. Some may also miss the endpaper maps where these are present in the original books.

Dates of publication aren't clear. Some are given, but many just say 'First Published 19--' giving the date of the first edition. I think that I am correct in saying that at this time Book Clubs were not able to publish their editions until a year after the first edition.

By no means all of Saville's fiction was issued, all the Nettleford books were done, but only a fraction of the other series appeared in these editions.

Lone Pine series:
The Neglected Mountain
Saucers over the Moor
The Secret of the Gorge
Mystery Mine
Sea Witch Comes Home
Not Scarlet But Gold
Treasure at Amorys

The Buckinghams:
The Master of Maryknoll 1951
The Long Passage

All Summer Through
Christmas at Nettleford
Spring Comes to Nettleford
The Secret of Buzzard Scar

Marston Baines series:
The Purple Valley
Dark Danger
Power of Three

Michael and Mary series:
Young Johnny Bimbo
The Fourth Key

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