Artists and Illustrators

The illustrator is often overlooked when considering books, unless they fall into the 'illustrated book' category of collectables. Recently, largely thanks to Chris Beetles, the Art of the Illustrator has become more recognised.
However, information on these illustrators is notoriously difficult to find. I have used various sources, but much of the information here, what there is of it, is from my own observation. All help welcomed !

Artists who contributed in some way to Saville's work are listed in the panel to the left. Some are links which will take you to a page with further information and illustrations of their work, other entries are complete within the list.
Note: dates in brackets after the artists name are birth-death dates. Where 'fl' precedes the date(s), this is the period when their work was found.
Dates in brackets after book titles indicate the publication date of the edition mentioned.

Note: This section should grow in detail steadily. I intend to add illustrations from the relevant Saville book(s) and also illustrations from other non-Saville sources. Hence, it will pay to revisit this part of the site from time to time if you're interested.

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