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" = inch imperial measure about 2.5 centimetres or the breadth of your thumb.
4to = quarto Book size.
8vo = octavo Book size.
'Acksherley !' = The Journal of the Malcolm Saville Society.
bds = boards.
BL = British Library. Listed in their reference collection of printed works.
b/w = black and white.
c = circa. before a date means 'about this date'
CBC = Children's Book Club.
cm = centimetres Metric length measure, about the width of your little finger. col = colour.
cp = cover price. The original price of the book. With dustwrappers usually found on the front flap.
If this is cut off, then the book is described as 'price clipped' or pc.
d = pence One twelfth of a shilling (see s.. Hence the price two shillings and six pence would be written as 2s 6d, although sometimes written as 2/6 where a price was expected.
d/w = dustwrapper.
edn = edition. not to be confused with impression, but is, and by publishers as well, so don't worry.
eps = endpapers.
ffep = front free endpaper.
fl = 'floreat' worked during this period. Usually indicates the earliest and latest dates that work has been found.
hbk = hardback
Horne = Alan Horne: The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators Antique Collectors' Club 1994. A lovely reference and browse if you can afford a copy !
illus = illustration or illustrated by.
imp = impression. Hence '3rd imp' is the third printing.
lib = library.
mag = magazine.
mm = millimetre Metric measure: one tenth of a centimetre (cm).
MS = Malcolm Saville.
No. = number.
PBFA = Provincial Booksellers' Fairs Association.
pbk = paperback
pc = price clipped. The cover price has been removed.
pp = pages.
s = shilling(s) One twentieth of a pound ( or GBP) see also d.